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retin-a micro 0.1% (sorry another one)

thanks for reading.

the paper for the retin-a micro 0.1% said not to use it on the corners of your nose and around your mouth.. but those are areas that i have clogged pores and where i sometimes break out. anybody used it on those areas anyways?

what about the area inbetween your eyes? hmm.. so many questions. my derm is a jerk, he didn't tell me anything!

thanks again.

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Im on Retin-A cream, I use it around my lips not too close though. As far as for your nose and eyes, just spot and not too close. Mainly for the eyes though, because it will burn.

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Retin-A Micro will make these areas very red and irritated on some people. The first time I used RAM my nose was red and peeling on the sides of my nose (the 'crease' where your nostrils meet your cheek)and in the very corners of my mouth. I expereinced dryness near my eyes too. Once i started to pay attention to exactly where and how much I was applying and was more careful about where i was spreading the cream, I was able to prevent this. It is ok to apply RAM on tyour nose, the bridge of your nose up past your eyebrows - if that was what you meant by "in between the eyes".

Remember... pea size amount every night. If you experience redness and dryness use RAM every other night, if it persists, use every 3rd day.This is what my derma told me. If it still persists, consult with your derma about using using the .04% instead of the .1%. I started on the .04% and moved up to .1%.

RAM has been great for me so far 3 months into it. Remember to use sunscreen always! RAM makes your skin super sensitive to sun exposure... Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock is great for longer exposure or the Neutrogena moisturizers with SPF for general use.

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