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who can have accutane?

who is usually perscribed accutane? do you have to have really bad cystic acne or can you still be perscribed it for midler but persistent acne? also, if it can be perscribed for milder acne does it still have good results and are you more likely to be free from acne than is you started with the cystic type. hope that makes sense ?!

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accutane is a last resort kind of medication. i have mild acne and ive used many diff meds, but now i have deep scarring from some cystic acne a while back and thats why im about to use accutane. if your acne is mild and just breakouts on your skins surface, i would use other medicatiosn first, There are many of them out there. Dont use accutane unless your derm suggests it or says its time for you to.

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Dont use accutane unless your derm suggests it or says its time for you to.

My derm would have never suggested it. I have cystic acne, but me derm seems to think it's okay to take antibiotics forever (even though I'd only pretend take them.....I'd never take antibiotics for acne....ever). Once he started prescribing them I realized that I could be on Accutane soon.......I still had cysts even though I was using retin-a micro 0.10% and Duac gel......I got a little clearer, but not totally.......

So I decided to "worsen" my condition by simply not doing anything to treat it. I still washed (when I felt like it), and wore sunscreen.....but I didn't use any acne medication whatsoever.........I even came off the pill.....

So three months later my acne was not only a little bit cystic.....it was severe and cystic.........

But even then he just tried to put me on different antibiotics (which I never took), and let me get weekly cortisone injections.....I was getting about 8-10 of them a week...........

I told him that I went to another derm (who agreed that my acne was severe and I was an Accutane candidate....only after I did a series of glycolic acid peels and had extractions....at a whopping 280$ a pop)

He said he thought Accutane wasn't an option because I complained so much about taking antibiotics (life threatening drug allergies are a cause for slight concern).....he wasn't going to ever suggest it......although I'm pretty sure he forgot me inquiring about it at almost every visit........

So five months later I was given the I-pledge binder....and in a week from tomorrow I start.........

It's a pain to get, but don't sit and wait for a derm to suggest it........

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