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You know, I started RAM last night (after having the Rx filled for a month and toying with the idea of actually using it or not)... my face looks less red over night... I bet it would have looked better if I hadn't had a picking party last night (I know, BAD!) :wacko:

I am wondering if my RAM 0.1% is too strong? I also have a Rx for Avitar Cream, which is a 0.025 concentration...

I have acne that shifts... sometimes it is classified (by the derm) as severe, other times it's just mild... I'm also on an antibiotic (Keflex) so I think that would help with an IB. I know y'all have answered about a bajillion questiosns on RAM, but any input would be appreciated :)

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If you are not experiencing irritation (extreme redness, excessive dryness) then you are fine with the .1%. If after a few days, you start to experience the aforementioned, just apply RAM every other night, as opposed to every night.

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this is funny.. i just started using ram 0.1% too and was also wondering if it is too strong.

can anyone recommend a good cleanser and moisturizer?

i've been using md forte facial cleanser level 2 (its glycolic acid) for a while and it doesn't bother my skin but i'm afraid it might burn my skin since i'm using retin-a micro now. i was thinking about using the neutrogena facial wash (the orange liquid thing) but my skin dries more using that than the md forte cleanser level 2.

any thoughts? thanks!

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Using retin-a micro with glycolic acid is not a bad idea.

They have different mechanisms, and glycolic acid actually serves as an anti-inflammatory.

But acne users often have the propensity to overdo. A pee size is really, really enough.

If you observe redness, switch to every other day for ram.

moderation is the key for RAM...i promise you.

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