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my doctor is sending me for blood tests to see if its okey for me to get accutane.. i reeely hope i get it

my acne isnt severe but reely persistent and i get huuuuge spots

jus wanting to know a bit bout it..

dus it make ur skin reealy bad?

everyone ses the side effects are terrible?


any replies are appreciated thank yooo:)


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well good luck with getting it and the best answer for your questions is that everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to accutane. some have really bad initial breakouts and some dont even get them.

good luck and my skin sounds a lot like yours and iv only been on it for a little over two weeks and my skin looks awesome right now. hope this gives you some hope!

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Don't let a possible initial breakout scare you away from taking accutane. If your doctor is willing to put you on it, then by all means, go for it!! I went through 4 derms before I finally found a willing one to prescribe me accutane. I should be starting next week. Even if your skin gets slightly worse in the beginning, in the end, you will feel like a completely different person. Much happier!! The side effects aren't terrible - dry lips, dry skin, maybe some joint pains, but you can find ways to make those not as bad. The side effects are an indication that the medication is working, so that's always a good thing! Good luck, I hope you get the prescription.

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