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Every once in a little while……..

You have to reflect. You have to reflect on what you are doing with your life. What moves you, what makes you hurt, what makes you happy, because one day you are going to look back on all of this and say “When I was young……�

My whole life I’ve been waiting on some beautiful girl to save me from my own waste. At one point I thought I’d never climb that mountain, but I’ve just come higher than I’ve ever come before. My greatest accomplishment, the crown of my journey, what I bring back home to mom, is the realization of my existence. Thus, I did not fail, I did not succeed, I have learned. So much.

My entire life I had no idea who I was. What made me hurt, what made me happy, who I was, what my purpose on this planet was.

I’ve found out why people tend to get bored, what excites them, and to succeed in that game, you have to be proactive, things like this don’t happen. The smile I’ve seen on those I’ve envied my whole life was not given to them, they earned it.

I’ve always been more of a listener, than a talker. More of an observer, than a actor. I rarely have even set foot on the stage of life. I’ve always been more comfortable in my seat, with my popcorn, watching others run through it. For a moment, I was on that stage, and felt awkward, and reclined back to my comfortable position, but I fall back with the realization worth more than every pair of jordans , dunks, and piece of shit material thing I own.

Things don’t happen, you make them happen. The triton doesn’t make music, you make the triton make music. Shoes don’t impress girls, you do. You might see a girl at a restaurant that you could possibly marry one day, but if you don’t do anything about it, all you’ll end up doing is seeing her. And she’ll probably marry someone else, and forget about you, assuming you were able to even make an impression on her, while you wallow away in your room asking yourself “why?�

First things first, we have identified that one must make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Make things happen. Things don’t happen themselves!!!!!

Second, be real to yourself. No more bullshit. Don’t bullshit others, and most of all don’t bullshit to yourself. Bullshitting is done when you feel you’re true self is too weak to bring itself out. So you bullshit, to make up conceal the truth you are ashamed of. From here on out, no more bullshitting. Of course, if necessary, bullshit, but no more compulsive bullshitting. Be real. People like realness. It’s infectious. You can’t hate someone for being real! Because you can’t hate the truth! You can’t go wrong with it. Don’t be faulty. Be real. Please, be real! You’ll be doing yourself a favor as well as the rest of the world. Let everyone know the real you. Only then will you be able to grow as an individual. Because if you don’t, you’re still, just lying to yourself. And when you’re lying to yourself, you’re still in in that comfortable position, with your popcorn, watching others LIVE their lives. Do you want to know what it is to really live? I mean, really, really LIVE!? Find out now, the clock is ticking, people are getting older, people are getting on with their lives, and you need to as well.

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now thats the way to make a first post! :D

and that rang very true for me too mate, unfortunately much easier said than done.. but you're absolutely right, we should all think like that and anything else is counter-productive.

and welcome to the site by the way :angel:.. the club no one wants to be in! lol!

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Wow, that's one of the best first posts I've ever seen on acne.org, and it really makes me think as I may have lost the opportunities of getting friends/girlfriends for being too shy.


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