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The Accutane Crusade has begun!

Started roughly at the end of July, 80mg, 150lb male

Well it seems that my little 'Tane log gets a jump start. i was looking over the web page god of most high school students, wikipedia. When i decided to look up accutane, to see if everything i have been going through was, "normal"

for the first month i was taking 40mg in the morrning 40 at night. *MIGHT* have been way too much, ill explain. i got hit hard by the IB, i was on a good streak (only 7-8 areas of annoyance) over night it must have doubled. And by the end of that night it doubled from that morrning making it 4 times worse than 24 hours ago. However, Accutane is a savior over the next 3-4 days i was at about 10, maybe a little less.

NOTE: its 3:30am, i cant sleep, im tired, but i cant sleep. so im writting this start to my 5 month blog (i promise ill proof read and edit this if i remember, well i wont honestly :()

the other side effects ive noticed in the past month would be: thinning hair, genetics and "the tane" are kicking its ass :( not too great being in high school with thinning hair and a receding hair line. lips can be a problem, but i found that getting a 40 pack of chap stick from sam goodies and essentially throwing them all around my house/car/room works wonders.

the last one needs a paragraph all its own because its the most annoying side effect. IM TIRED!!! always. even 10 hours of sleep wont slake (nice word eh?)my lust for sleep.

but on the upside (and dont think all those side effects outweigh the amazingness of this drug) my acne has essentially been roundhouse kicked my Chuck Norris. The dose has been dropped down to 60 a day, and if all goes well ill be done on newyears!!! :D

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