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i had the type of acne where i wouldnt break out a lot, but when i did break out it was always a cysts or nodules. The moment i started using accutane, i broke out like crazy and had 2 or 3 cysts in a row on one side of my face, my doctor said it was normal cause the accutane causes my skin to get worse before it got better. i finished using accutane about 3 months ago my skin is a lot clearer but still red but because of those cysts i got deep scars on one side of my face, and somewhat shallow scars on the other and it looks horrible under darker lighting cuz it looks like i have a hole in my face. i was wondering if Dermabrasion would clear up most of my scars, cuz it seems to be the cheapest option and i dont have much money to spend

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Im not exactly sure, as its been many years since i had accutane, but if the scars are fairly new you may be able to treat them initially with a topical. Maybe take a look into Retin-A, which I believe is safe post accutane. There are other topicals such as Maderma, Copper Peptides and Emu oil, and Tazorac. I must stress that this is a recommendation based on what I have read NOT experienced, thus you would need to seek advice. (I do, however use retin-a and copper peptides with emu oil, and believe it helps the texture of my skin a little).

With regards to Dermabration, again, not a treatment I have had, but many do not like this treatment. If you use the search function you will read various reasons why. Popular cost effective treatments that seem to have results are subcision, tca-cross (but important a test area is carried out! This is not a treatment i personally seem to have responded well to), and needling. The buzz word on the board is Fraxel, which is costly, but may be worth saving for.

All the treatments, however, bar some topical ones (check with ur derm) should not be carried out until 6 months post accutane.

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