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does smoking weed cause acne??

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does smoking weed cause acne??

Smoking marijuana is known to decrease a males sexual performance and significant use for extended period has also be known to induce the development of breast tissue in males as well, among other things you can look up easily, all of them negative.

I've never heard anything about it helping skin. some of you say, "my friends with who smoke pot don't have acne", well guess what, when i was a teen the only friend of mine who didn't have any acne was homosexual.

If your gonna reason that way then it makes as much sense that homosexuality helps your skin as cannabis does.

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

I think overall health is the issue. I don't believe Marijuana is generally condusive to good health.

Mental health wise, i think it could vary. If you're smoking it every now and then and having a good old laugh with friends, it's probably alright. If you're using it as some sort of escape into a bong-induced coma, you do the math.

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i'll try to help you out on this one...loll....alright i mocked it day basically everyday...it smooths my mind...but anyways i havent seen any changes on my acne while smoking.....but it could be different for every1 cause every body reacts differently...for me..it seems like a season problem...i clear up really nice beggining of spring through summer...but once that cold air hits throughout winter...thast when i break out ridiclously...so jus keep on mocking my man :D

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How many posts have to be made on whethere smoking pot affects acne or not? It doesn't. Some people have acne and smoke other smoke and have clear skin. It's all genetics, hormones, health, etc.

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I smoked like every other day for 1 year while in college lol, and during that time I had very little acne at all. Don't really know if the weed was responsible for that but it may have played a part in it, who knows.

Also, let me add, most people I know that smoke cigarettes have some of the smoothest and most healthy looking skin I've seen, its strange how that works. :confused:

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