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about to start retin-a micro 0.1%

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i just picked up my first presciption of retin-a micro 0.1%. i never used retin-a micro before but have used green cream (an otc retinoid).

how should i start using it? i think i adjust really well to retinoids.. i heard guys can tolerate it better or something. i didn't peel or purge that much while using green cream level 6 and level 9 so hopefully retin-a micro 0.1% won't be too strong for me.

any tips and thoughts of your experience would be great.

thanks for reading! respond please!

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Just use it according to the directions on the package. If you start to peel too much, back it off to every other night until you can handle it.

If you've been using green cream, I'm pretty sure the switch to RAM will be no big deal for you. Good luck!

I used it once before about two years ago, and it was horrible. I purged like CRAZY, and the experience left me scarred. It did work on the acne for awhile, but about six months later it started to come back despite still being on RAM. I eventually got on 'tane and have been clear since. I'm currently on Tazorac for maintenance purposes and I really like it. I've heard it's stronger than RAM, so if you end up looking for something else down the line, you can always try that.

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wtf. i was on it, but then some lady gave me a horror story about after she stopped using it, she got terrible crows feet wrinkles and she is in her late 20's.

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