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starting accutane monday.. questions

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But I know the answer to your questions anyway cos i researched everything loads beforehand.

My derm has told me to get LOADS OF E45 which is a cream for realy dry skin like eczema...so thats bound to work, so basicly u get so dry u might aswell have eczema, and thats dry!

and as far as lips go make sure u have blistex healing or lots of vaseline on you at all times. my derm also said this. and virtually everyone who goes on accutane will get realy dry so you will too.

and no u wont kill urself unless u realy want to. there's a less than 1% chance of depression and stuff occuring(thats an official figure btw) and unless u make urself depressed i doubt u will be.

and it isnt a good idea to give blood on accutane anyway so it shudnt be a problem. and if u mean the blood test for ur liver? well, unless u want to fuck up ur liver i suggest u put up with one little test.

hope that helps. :)

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I haven't experienced any mental side effects at all. Accutane is so bearable for me, however everyone has such different experiences.

I suggest do lots of exercise, eat well and be gentle on your skin.

The blood test i get is just teeny prick on the finger....like diabetics have to do sometimes. I'm sure you can bear that!!

Good luck

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It can dry out your face pretty bad, but your lips will be the thing that drives you nuts. All you can do is try to moisturize and get a good lip balm.

You probably won't kill yourself, but you might get depressed that the medicine isn't working fast enough or will last. Those were the only things that got me down during my course.

The blood draws should be super fast. I don't particularly enjoy getting stuck w/needles, either, but I hate acne even more.

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