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Accutane question - please help!?!!

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OK i have a couple of questions, u guys think u can help me out?!? please


Firstly, i wanna know, besides killing off the oil glands, does accutane help in destroying the P.acne bacteria?

i mean its all good stopping sebum production, but whats the point if u got acne bacteria sittin under ur skin!!?

im confused, can some1 clear that up 4 me?!?!

thanks ](*,)

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yeah...accutane is not an antibiotic...so it does not fight the bacteria

that might be why most people get really bad acne when on accutane

then it goes away...for most people it comes back (not as bad as before)

it is not uncommon to hear about people going on the 'tane 2-3 times

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Accutane acts by shrinking sebaceous glands in the skin.

The presence of excess sebum on the skin creates a favourable environment for P.acnes to proliferate and thus acne will flourish.Thus less sebum after accutane = no acne!!

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OMG Accutane is amazing! I took it 5 years ago and it cleared my face up fast over a few months, after a few years my scars have gotten a lot better but I stil need to get ride of some.

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how bad was ur acne/?

because to be honest my acne isnt SEVERE

its moderate, i get a lot of white heads, and those red spots that come up but have no head, they dont come up too much, just sort of on the surface of the skin

and recently iv been getting cysts sad.gif

maybe 1 every week or so sad.gif

and all this bacteria and white heads and spots are leaving my skin all red

so since i dont have SEVERE acne is accutane going to be less affective?

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Just hope that after you finish your course you never have to go back on it again. I finished my Accutane course and I'm currently on Septra, a sulfur medication. If this doesn't work, I might have to go back on Accutane, which would be a nightmare.

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