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Skeptical at first; now in debt to Differin

So here goes. Not so much a log as it is just the results of my medication. :) And they're good.

The story is ... I'm 19, I've had acne since I was 12. Funny thing is, I was considered legally blind since I was 10, but not examined until I was 14, and my eyes had gotten progessively worse for years ( they've stopped, but they'll never be the same and yeah, I'm still blind until I get laser ). So when I finally did start getting acne, I didn't even notice. I never told my parents or anyone that I had problems seeing, so they didn't know that I needed classes or contacts. So for years, I just went through life not really being able to see anything unless it was literally within inches of my face. And I never stood in front of the mirror that close, so I never knew I had acne! :) Which is okay, because once I finally got my contacts, I took one look in the mirror and was like ... ouch, that's bad. So there went my self esteem, lol. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for telling me I looked like crud. Anyway, I didn't start medicating the acne problem until I was 14. Tried over the counter stuff, didn't work ... but I kept using it anyway. Had my first dermatologist appointment when I was 16, tried some stuff and it worked okay but I was still a monster. By my Junior year of high school, my face had cleared up quite a bit, though, and I could deal with the few pimples here or there. Senior year was great too, until the week before graduation and my face decided it was going to become a mountain range. I just didn't care to deal with it, so I let it get worse and blah blah blah. Well, about two months ago, I decided it was time to take care of business. I was starting college in a few months and I didn't want to look like a wreck, trying to start my new life.

Here's where I was at that point ...

IPB Image

I know, I know. It doesn't seem awful, but out in the sunlight or in any other normal lighting .. it looked awful. And I knew it could be a hell of a lot better if I just put forth the effort.

Anyway, I started Differin gel, Clindamycin and Septra DS. I was a little nervous because I'd read comments about how Differin just makes your face blow up ( it was already disgusting but I couldn't stand to think it could get any worse ), and three medications? It seemed pretty powerful.

The first few days weren't bad. Nothing happened.

And I woke up on the fifth day to a nightmare. I swear, my acne had never been so awful. I couldn't figure out what had gone so wrong in the course of one night! :( Kay, it was nasty. Had to get out the heavy duty makeup for that mess. And let me tell you ... going to work with makeup that's an inch thick, it aint lovely; luckily I only had to put up with all the snide remarks from people for a few days.

Moving on ...

The two following weeks were miserable. My face wasn't breaking out that much anymore, but it was insanely dry and flaky .. so I couldn't even wear makeup to cover it up anymore! I followed the directions of the medication and avoided my eyes and lips ... but of course, those both dried up like prunes, too, and my lips split and bled. My eyelids were peeling! It hurt to even touch them, and because of my eye problems, I'm used to constantly rubbing them. I don't think I've ever been so miserable, and two weeks seemed like it lasted a year.

By the fourth week, my skin was adjusting to the Differin. The dryness was going away and I was able to exfoliate away all of the flakes. I had stopped breaking out but there was still acne from before, plus a whole lot of scarring. I didn't care, tho. I was just happy that my face didn't feel like sand anymore.

The fifth week was amazing. My face's moisture level seemed to have finally become perfect ( I have oily skin ); I could moisturize a little in the morning and my face wouldn't gunk up by noon or anything, like it used to. My blackheads had become less and less over the previous weeks but by the fifth week, they were completely gone and my pores had considerably shrunk. There were still several pimples on my cheeks but my forhead and chin had cleared up entirely, and all I had left were a few nasty scars that I knew I could take care of when the treatment was over.

The sixth week was better than the one before. No new breakouts, all of the old pimples had dried up and gone away. My skin felt smooth, it looked clear and radiant, and all that I had to deal with were the scars. But I decided to wait until the two month mark, when my treatment was over, because I didn't want to be putting any more chemicals on my face ( facial peels and the like ). All I had to do in the morning was wash, tone, throw on a little moisturizer and a smidge of concealer for those scars, and I was out the door. The seventh week was the same, with the scars getting a little more faded on their own.

And now, I'm at the 8th week! :) My treatment finished four days ago, and now .. my face is flawless. I had a professional microdermabrasion done the day after I finished, and every day thereafter I've been using a very light chemical and dead sea salt peel. And damn, it worked quick. The scars went away over the course of those three days, except for a little bit of redness that the dermatologist assured me would subside naturally within two weeks.

My skin is absolutely clear. No pimples. None at all. No blackheads, no little bumps, no enlarged pores. It's ridiculous how well this stuff worked. My skin has a natural glow again; to heck with bronzer and all that junk. :) I'm seriously in debt to Differin. It changed my life in the matter of two months. I can be happy going to school in the fall with a clear face and not have to worry that people are looking at my acne .. because I have none!

So here it is. The after pictures.

This is yesterday.

IPB Image

IPB Image

And today. Yeah, I figured ... since my face was looking so new and alive .. I'd try something a little different. Blondes do have more fun. :P

IPB Image

There's some radiant skin.

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