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I'm on day 18 of 40mg Accutane and for the past week I *thought* my shed was up...well, today after washing & styling my hair I can honestly say it is. I don't want to blame Accutane because my hair DOES go through ups & downs shed-wise. Last time I was on tane I stopped after a month because of hairloss (which I later connected with bcp's) and it continued for over a year....so no matter how bad the shedding gets, I'm going to stick with it, cause I'll shed regardless.

YIKES! I guess it's time to start babying my hair again, lol.

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Hi Katie - I started shedding early on accutane as well and now I am on day 70 and I'm still shedding. Not as bad as the first 2 months, but I have significantly thinned out. Do you think it's the accutane or BCP? Did your hair grow back after you discontinued accutane the first time or continue to shed?

thx Jenna

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Well, it can't be the bcp this time cause I'm not on it! So I'm not sure what it could be....stress maybe? I've been under a lot of that lately.

The first time (in 2004) my hair continued to shed for over a year AFTER stopping the pill & Accutane. So there's no way I'm stopping now, because I'm pretty sure I'll shed regardless, ya know?

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