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Do I have what you call red marks?/What do peels do?

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Hey, I really don't have acne, yet I do. It's not like I have pimples all over my face, but I might get 1 or 2 obvious looking ones that pop up in random places that go away in a few days. But after they go away they just leave my face with worst red marks I guess you call them, but some don't leave anything. So I got contacts a couple days ago, and before when I looked at my face it didn't look bad, they 'red marks' on my chin/forehead (where they are mostly) don't look like much or anything. But when I look at my face from far away with my contacts in, my chin/forehead look horrible, and there's a few like little red dots scattered around my cheeks/face that look horrible. It just looks really bad, and it's stupid because it makes me look in the middle of like a guy with no acne to a guy with an obvious acne problem that no one would care about because he has so much of it, but I have these stupid red mark looking things that people probably view as 'wow he has acne'.

I've tried to search these forums for stuff, and all I see is people talking about glycerin bars or something, but there not accessible in stores. So I've been looking at Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel. You think this would work?

And what do peels really do? I'm starting school this week, and I don't want my face to look like I have an extreme sunburn that is peeling my whole face off.


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Guest papillon

Hi. Yeah, I think you have "red marks". I have them as well. I have mild acne, but I look like I have moderate acne because of my dark red marks.

I've never tried any chemical peels, but I doubt that removing thin layers of your skin would remove the red marks. I never tried "Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel".

My red marks fade the fastest when I'm gentle with my face. Other products like lemon juice/vinegar/baking soda all seem to irritate my skin and make my red marks worse.

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if theyre flat they are probably red marks.

for some reason for the longest time i thought my red marks (they basically made my entire cheeks red and spotty) were acne . and i couldnt figure out why nothing (acne products) would make them go away.

i havent tried a peel yet and i ve had mine for about 1.5 years. first you could try diff vitamins - like E or C. (you can buy capsules and poke em open, or get a serum) or some sort of product with an AHA like glycolic acid (moisturizer, toner etc). i think generally you would trry one of those before a peel.

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