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Ozone is poisonous... one of the most toxic inorganic compounds known to man... and has no benefit to humans when it's down here on the surface... up there in the atmosphere is different... it protects us from UV rays. The theory that the administration of ozone to the human body could do anything but poison it is ridiculous and frightening.

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Ozone is so controversial and hard to find out about. I've heard some wonderful things about it, but I've also heard that ozone, though not the same polluted kind in the sky, is dangerous. I just don't think it should be necessary for health, and besides that, it can really get expensive. I have heard of it clearing up acne (not permanently though - only during treatment). Instead of ozone therapy, I drink green smoothies to keep my skin clear. Green smoothies are a lot less expensive and make more sense. They cleared up my acne in a little over a month. If interested, you can read more about them here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=108917

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High frequency skin treatments administered by estheticians generate ozone to kill bacteria on the skin (be sure to specify that you're looking for high frequency treatment with ozone for problematic skin because my esthetician tried another version and it didn't work as well). It also stimulates the skin to increase collagen production and the stippling effect helps whatever you apply on the skin to penetrate easier and deeper.

Professional salon high frequency equipment can be very expensive. There is a condensed home-use instrument called Oxylight that operates on the same principle. An older version is still on the market and is sold under the name Dermawand.

Hints: don't over use these instruments as overstimulation of the skin can cause it to produce excessive oil which can lead to further breakouts. Also don't use AHA or BHA prior to the high frequency as it can cause redness, sensitivity and excessive exfoliation.

For more information, Google "high frequency", "Oxylight" or "Dermawand".

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