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Modified Regimen

I tried the normal regimen as descibed for around 3 months, and noticed a great improvement in my facial acne, however I was still getting the occassional nagging white head now and again which would take a while to heal and leave a red mark after. The red marks are still there!

So what I do now is use Dan's BP at night all over my face then leave for at least 15 mins. Then I smooth a generous amount of Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream all over my face. In the morning, I don't use BP - instead I sit in from of one of those special Red/Blue light boxes. The one I have is a DermaLux. After sitting in the light for 15 mins, I then again smooth a generous amount of the Eucerin face cream all over. I've been doing this now for 3 months and my face is looking great.

I believe BP twice a day is too much and it doesn't give the skin a chance to heal too well. The Eucerin contains Lactic Acid which I believe greatly helps to heal red marks and scars. And because you're not applying it on top of BP, it does it's job the way it is supposed to.

About the Red/Blue light box.... I know some people are skeptical over such devices, I know I was before I tried it, but honestly it really works. After spending 15 mins at the light box, your face looks white.... this is because it causes the skin to release oxygen. Please note that it does NOT provide oxygen to your skin, it just effectively releases the oxygen that is already there... no such problems with free radicals.

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