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are blackheads & whiteheads mostly caused by bacteria??

If so, do certain acne antibiotics help clear some of it? And the bacteria that would cause the blackhead is it the same or similiar type of bacteria that causes acne?

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

There is heaps of information on acne at this site. You should read about it. And yes, acne bacteria cause pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

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For whiteheads, yes. Blackheads, no. It's more complicated than that... basically it all starts the same way, with a clogged pore. If that pore is not closed (i.e. it isn't beneath the skin) it will be a blackhead, the black arises from the exposure of the stuff in the pore to the air, causing it to oxidize and change color. If the blocked pore is closed, bacteria will infect the pore and when your immune system responds to the infection, it produces puss and inflammation, resulting in a whitehead. The size or type of the lesion (papule, pustule, nodule, cyst) depends on the degree (and location) of the infection and the severity of the immune response.

So, for a more practical application, antibiotics will only help you deal with whiteheads, and they will not eliminate the root cause of the acne, which is abnormal keratinization... so if you stop treatement with them the acne can return fairly easily. The blackheads won't be affected... they can only be treated with something that exfoliates skin (a hydroxy acid or retinoid).

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