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I also posted this in the Prescription Meds section b/c I really need some advice, so if you already read this once, I apologize. Otherwise, please read on.

I need some advice from all of you out there. I've read so many interesting posts on this board, and the information is really helpful, so I decided to share my story and hopefully get some advice from all of you. Here goes!

I'm a 26 yr old male w/ what I think is mild acne, but it certainly bothers the hell out of me. I've never gotten cysts, but I always seemed to get whiteheads on my chin and forehead, maybe 3-4/month. They never really bothered me until I got older.

This past April, during my lawchool final exams, I broke out pretty bad around my chin. It was actually only 2-3 whiteheads, but they left some brown marks, so I got fed up and decided to try to do something. A friend of mine had used Proactiv w/ much success. Since my problem was not as severe as his, I tried it. It worked OK, but the whiteheads kept coming, so after 12 weeks of use, I decided to switch to the Acne Cure method. At this same time, I took the Bar Exam and got another bad break out around my chin. I saw my regular Physician and he put me on 100mg of Doxycycline once a day. He said that my acne was not that bad and that the antibiotic should clear it right up. Therefore, I've been doing the Acne Cure method and the Doxycyline for 6 weeks now, and I've had about the same success as w/ the Proactiv. The whiteheads are smaller and less frequent, but there still coming (some weeks 0, other 1-3). Also, I've gotten alot more smaller ones on my forehead. Overall, I do not feel my skin complexion is that bad, but I would love to be able to wake up in the morning w/o worrying whether or not I'm going to have a new whitehead to worry about.

For those of you who believe in diet, I'll just say that I eat extremely healthy (no complex carbs like Pasta or Bread, lots of fruit and vegetables, plenty of Salmon, Chicken and Tuna). I also take all the recommended vitamins in the Acne Cure book (B complex, C, E alpha lip acid, zinc, Chromium, selenium, Fish oil).

I was finally able to get a dermatologist appointment a few weeks from now. I'm not sure this will be a good thing or a bad thing. So many of you have written horry stories about prescription meds. As I mentioned, my acne is not that bad, but it bothers me. Therefore, I want to get rid of it or at least make my face more stable, but I do not want to start using some prescription med that will just make my face worse.

Therefore, I would like to go into the derm appointment equipped w/ as much info as possible. I would like all of you to give me some comments on your experience w/ medicines and what I should be aware of when the doctor recommends something. For instance, I've read a lot of people's comments on Retin-A. It seems that this works sometimes, but has some harsh side effects. Since I have mild acne, do you think this is where the Doctor will start? If so, should I ask for something else.

I apologize for the long post, I just do not know where else to turn. This started out as trying to correct a minor problem and it has totally spub out of control. I find myself spending a lot of time worrying about my complexion and what certain activities and foods will have an impact on my face. My wife says that the problem is all in my head and that I need to stop worrying so much, but it just keeps bothering me. I'm just trying to get this under control, and I thought by hearing some comments from all of you, it might help. So if you have any thoughts or would like to share your story with me, please respond. Do not just read this and move on, just give me a little response or opinion, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom or just general advice!


Thanks in advance for any help!


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Sounds like most of your big breakouts occur during time of stress. Could be hormones...or it could be you resting your chin on your hands while reading/studying for hours on end.

I used Retin-A about 11 years ago. It made me peel like a lizard, but did clear my face. I was acne free until I had my son (3 years ago). Now that I am older, I want to try things less irritating and drying. If you aren't quite as vain as I am and aren't worried about wrinkles, I think Retin-A is fine.

Good luck!

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whiteheads are tricky. they aren't as bad as full blown pimples, but still super annoying. in my case, i really think whiteheads are from shaving. i either suck at shaving or my face really doesn't like it.. because every treatment gives me the same exactly results. EXACTLY the same.

id' be 100% clear if it wasnt for whiteheads, heh

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It definitely sounds stress-related. (My brother was a lawyer, so i know the stress involved in that career! Oy.) I know you eat very healthfully, but i would suggest, since your school/job is so stressful, that you look into B vitamins. These vitamins help our nervous systems deal with stress, and most American diets are deficient in them, especially those with mostly vegetarian diets. I eat mostly vegetarian (I do eat eggs and some fish, but no dairy or beef, chicken, etc), and i started taking a B Complex for Stress supplement. It has helped my skin quite a bit, along with revamping my cleansing regime.

Aside from that, looking into ways of managing stress (exercise, meditation, relaxation techniques) might help you. When my brother passed away a couple years ago, i started having horrible stomach pains, and my doctor said that everyone manifests stress differently. Some people get backaches, some people get stomach aches, and some break out. She said the whole phrase "It's all in your head" dismisses the mind-body connection. Our state of mind is reflected in our bodies, and vice versa!

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I agree with the stress theory. You've already tried everything I would suggest. The Acne Cure is the only thing that's worked for me. I'm 28 and I've tried damn near everything under the sun for mild to moderate acne. Mine flares up when I'm under stress or my body's being attacked by allergens (dust mites and pollen make me break out, go figure).

Personally I would not recommend RetinA, I hated that stuff with a passion. But some say it's worked for them. It just made me go from 1-2 pimples to 6-8 then dried and peeled my skin for weeks and weeks.

If the antibiotics didn't work I'm not sure anything else taken internally would help. I'd get on a B complex vitamin for sure though. It really does help as far as energy and general well being go.

Good luck with your derm appt.

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