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acidosis and alkalosis= Acne??

I never have, but that would be difficult to do... I'm sure your skin pH fluctuates throughout the day. For example, after you wash it with a soap, it would be higher... then later in the day it will become more acidic... like anything else it isn't constant, and it's different on different parts of your body. Also the only way of testing your skin with a pH strip would be to use litmus paper, which would only show whether it's acid or base. I could probably design a lab experiment to take skin samples and dissolve in a solution of a certain pH and see how it changes, but that's still not so reliable, and definitely not practical for the average joe.

Skin pH is slightly acidic (around 4-5). There has been some reseach on the topic of when skin becomes too acidic or the pH rises too much, but it isn't conclusive with respect to acne as far as I can tell.

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Don't think he's talking about the skin, shmelis. If he's going where I think he's going, he's talking about the concept of alkalinizing your body for good health, through lots of vegetables and alkalinizing minerals and shit like that. My take is instead of focusing on the pH, focus on toning specific organs like your liver and bowels, since the pH has to be different in different parts of your body for them to function properly.

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I never got what body Ph meant. Blood Ph is 7.4 is you go very little in either direction you are dead. Saliva Ph has nothign to do with things like eating Alkiline foods or acidic foods. It usually has to do with cavity causing bacteria in your mouth(The more bacteria, the more acidic). If you are even lower you probably have a disease and you would know by now if you have it.

Please, I hear all these things about body Ph and I don't get it. Is it stomach acid? That is always acidic. I mean everything organic has a ph level but what are you measuring when you measure body PH? Becuase from what little biochemistry I know, most things that people claim to cause Ph changes don't(ie. coral calcium). I'm not jumping on the OP, I just want someone with knowledge of the body, real knowledge to tell me. No holistic answers without evidence.

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