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Question for the ladies out there

Ladies, I need your opinion on something. Miracleously in the last month my acne has been getting better and while it is still noticeable it is the best it has been in my life. My confidence has been going way up lately which has to do also with the medication that my psychist gave me that is supposed to not make me think about my acne. Because of this for the first time in my life I have somewhat of a social life. I have gone on a few dates and I even went to a nightclub last night. My intent is not to brag. For instance last night I saw this cute girl who I wanted to talk to but she was with two of her friends and while I feel better about myself, I don't feel bulletproof so I didn't talk to her. Can you girls recommend to me the best way to talk to a girl who is with her friends. I always have the fear that her friends will start goofing on me.


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not just her. (all the friends)

It shows respect for all of them. Once your in you can take special interest in her

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Guest ThereIsHope

Just my opinion but I would be freaked out if I was approached by a strange guy at a bar. Or anywhere for that matter. :confused:

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i know im a guy, but oh well.

just go and approach them. Dont come off as some hot player boy who wants to get in her pants, just come off as a nice guy. Introduce yourself to her, and then she might introduce you to her friends, and just try and get in some general conversation. Maybe even if youre lucky, shell dance with you.

dont be afraid to make a fool out of yourself, because you wont see her again anyways, so whats the poing of being scared.

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