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Excisions- Dr. Stewart Wang, Dr. David Sire & Dr. Peter Chi

Has anyone heard of any of these Doctors? Dr. Wang is in Alhambra and Pasadena, Dr. Sire is in Fullerton, and Dr. Chi is is stockton and Gilroy. Any recommendations or complaints about any of these doctors? I'm going to see Dr. Wang next week about excision. I'll ask him everything i need to know and then decide what to do next. Anyone who is interested or have had excisions done please feel free to comment. Anything would be of assistance, Thanks. Oh Thanx Emily88 for that decriptive experience and thoughts on excision, u r the sweetest.

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I had an excision performed on my left wrist 2 remove a large birthmark when i was 14. Then i was messin around with my kid brother, and he accidentally kicked my wrist opening the stitched up wound. Man i remember i was freakin out when i saw the insides, it was bright red!! So my father and i went 2 the hospital that day, and i had to close the wound with my fingers for 2 hrs, before a Doc finally saw me. I guess from there on out excisions sorta scare me, but at the same time, i know that i've tried so many things, and excision would and probably is my last resort 2 fix my problem. Hope everything goes well, when i finally do decide to have my remaining scars cut out, but until then i'll keep anyone who's interested updated with my decisions, i do know that many of u don't give a f***k, but this is for the ones who do.

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Does anyone know what happened to Wheezy???? I was following his posts on his excisions awhile back, he even posted a pic of his stitches, but i couldn't find anything on his progress since? He was concerned about his scars and whether his indents will eventually fill up. Anyone know?

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