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I had acupuncture yesterday

So, I finally went to an acupuncturist for my acne. I know my acne is caused by an hormonal imbalnce. I also have anxiety and really bad pms. So he did an hormonal treatmeant with needles. It tingled abit. While the needles were in he used a lazer on my acne. After the sesson was done. He put seeds held on my tape in my ears. He told me to leave them in for a couple of days.

He gave me some Tong Jing Wan, told me to take it two weeks befor my period. He also gave me some tea, to help cool me down, saying I had too much eternal heat.

The total cost of this was 70$. He said I need anywhere from 5-10 treatments. I wish my insurance covered this. For I know 700$ is way out of by budget.

I want to try to finish this. I'm gonna call the local acupuncture school and see how much they charge.

I am also using Paula's Choice BHA 2%, 10% BP, and Dianacel at nite.

He told me to stop using anything on my face. That creams are only temporary, which I agree but if I stop by skin will scar with cysts and be disguisting.

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$70 is fairly cheap for acupunture as well as the tea

it's US dollars right?

it cost me $135 AUD a pop, which is around $100 USD i think

and it worked really well on my bacne when i was doing the treatment, never felt my back so smooth (altho the damn red marks ruined it)

but around a month after my sessions finished (i did around 6, he told me that was enough) i notice my back had those small bumps and also whiteheads again

but nevertheless try it, some people gave great reviews on it

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Yeah 70$ is pretty cheap for all he did. But in total speding 700$ , when I only make about $175 a week is gonna kill me.

So the acupuncture was only a temporary cure for you?

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