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There's this girl I met about a year back at this camp I go to, and we really hit it off. I like her a whole lot, and she likes me a whole lot. Unfortunatly, she lives in california and I live on the east coast.. :[

Anyway, I haven't seen in her about a year, and I'm going to see her next month, and my acne has gotten sort of worse.. I'm worried that she's not going to like me anymore because of it.. maybe it's a totally unfounded worry..

Also, since we're so far away and I'm going to be going to college soon, I don't see how a relationship with her can work.. I really like her.. But going through a long distance relationship doesn't sound like something I want to do. Being a poor college student will only make things worse since I won't be able to see her and such.. Just making us both unhappy seems like the wrong thing to do, so I'm wondering if I should totally break it off with her. It's not like we're formally going out or anything, but we totally would be if we lived near eachother. What do you guys think? I think in the long run we could both be happier without eachoter.. I dunno though. It's very confusing.. Then there's the chance she won't like me anymore because of my slightly worse acne. It's a mystery. :/


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You won't need or want the extra stress of a long distance relationship when you're in college. I've seen your pics, and I don't think she would have a problem with your acne; it's very mild! (Unless she is super shallow - I don't know her, but you seem nice, so you probably wouldn't like her if she was). Anyway, let me tell you a little story. When I was in college in NY, I made friends with a girl from RI. She had a guy friend who was still back in RI even though he wanted to come to our school (why he couldn't is another story). Somehow, he and I became friends over the phone, and we really hit it off. One time he told me that if he had been able to attend our school, he and I would be dating - no question about it. Well, that was like a huge tease for me because I only dated one guy in high school for like a month and had no one at college and was wondering if I'd ever date again! He visited once to see a concert with us, but that was the only time I ever saw him in person, then our "fling" sort of wore off and we stopped talking. My point in telling you all of this is that he wasn't the one for me, so stressing over it was a big waste of time. I ended up switching schools where I met someone much better (in personalilty and looks), and now he is my husband! I don't even remember that other guy's name anymore. I suggest that, if you genuinely like her as a person, there is nothing wrong with maintaining a friendship, but persuing a romantic relationship will bring nothing but grief and heartache. Believe me, when you get to college, there will be so many new faces, you will forget about trying to date the girl you haven't seen in a year. Good luck! I hope this helped you.

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