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Tazorac + BP

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I'm new to the forum as a poster, but not as a reader. A little history -- I've had acne since HS, and I've been fighting it throughout my college years and now as I work.

I've been thru all sorts of antibiotics, and regimens. The one that worked best for me, was Dan's -- however, it wasn't the perfect solution. I still got these small bumps that you could feel underneath the surface. So, I went to a new dermatologist, (4th one over the years) and he put me on Tazorac, Erythromycin, Benzoperoxide wash, and Benzoperoxide gel. I am nearly 2 months into this regimen, so I'm on the breakout phase of the cycle. I have proof underneath my jaw to prove it.

Anyways, I've been using Tazorac, and my skin refuses to adapt to it -- it constantly dries out. I don't know when to add the BP in either, and on what days. Somedays, my skin will look and feel great (even though I still break out) and the others its dry and cracking. I need some advice on what days to and how often I should apply. Currently, I'm trying to apply Tazorac every night, washing it off after 10mins, and applying a moistuirizer. I then apply the BP on during the days, to help control the break out.

I'm starting to think I should do Tazorac every other night, and BP on the nights I don't use the Tazorac. Will this still be effective? Thanks for any advice anyone can provide me.

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whoa your regimen is sorta odd to me. Especially the wash off taz after 10 min part.....

Right now I'm on Doryx 100, Tazorac in the evening, and Duac BP gel in the morning. I also use moisturizer in the morning sometimes...........I don't wash anything off until the next time I wash my face with cetaphil gentle cleanser......I leave the duac on, i leave the taz on overnight. I've been on the regimen 2 weeks---this is the initial reaction phase for me. I didn't know yours lasted for 2 months- that's quite a long time. My derm said I should be nearly clear in 4 weeks. I'm really not experiencing any side effects from the Doryx or the Taz or the Duac......only it makes my face a tiny bit red and the smallest amount of flaking near mouth and eyes. No excess drying for me~~best of luck

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I agree, seems like regime is not quite right. After washing your face and rinsing in the evening, I strongly recommend letting it dry 1 hour before applying Tazorac (thin film) or anything else. Don't wash off Tazorac until you wake up the next morning. After washing and rinsing your face in the shower, rub your hands on your face round and round to remove dry skin. It should come off fairly easily. This helps me tremendously. Try it and let us know! :)

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I've had derm's tell me to wash the Taz off as well. It minimizes the redness and peeling.

My recommendation is to not overdue the BP and Taz, because you're just going to irritate your face. I know it's hard to not apply stuff on your face b/c you think that your face is going to get worse. But if you are irritating your face, that's not going to help either.

Specifically, I think you should alternate using BP one night and the next night using Taz. If you're alternating, you probably don't have to wash it off your face either (but do wait an hour before applying the Taz).

Hope this helps.

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I have a study you might be interested in looking at. It was one where they had the research participants use Taz and then wash it off after just a few minutes (the most they left it on was 5 min). They studies the effectiveness of this method of using Taz and showed pretty good results. I attached a PDF file of the study if anyone wants to take a look at it. [attachmentid=5747]



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