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Minocycline (Second Treatment)

Back in April, I started taking two pills of minocycline per day. My acne went away by late May and I stopped taking the pill in mid-June. My acne started coming back around July and now, I'm starting Minocycline 100 MG twice per day. The problem is, I'm starting to breakout now that I'm taking the pill again. I just started two days ago. Is this an "initial breakout?" Is it possible to have an initial breakout after having stopped minocycline for a while? Is my body immune to it now so it's reacting badly to the pill? What's going on?

Also, I've been feeling extremely depressed the last couple of days. Could this be in correlation to Minocycline? Or is it probably just from breaking out (low self-esteem)?


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I'm surprised the physician had you stop the medication so quickly: 1 1/2 months? Am I reading that correctly? That doesn't seem like nearly enough time to run through any acne treatment.

Since it's only been two days I would say don't worry and give it a few months!! I would not stop based on clear skin. This could be an IB, but unlikely becaue the drug hasn't had enough time to to reach a 'steady-state concentration.' Just be patient and give it time.

You are probably feeling depressed for reasons other than the antibiotic.

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