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Opinion about vitamin supplements

Hi guys ,

i'm just back from the local super market and i bought some vitamin supplements over there , i bought them over there because the vitamins from the pharmacist are a lot more expensive ( 10 euro for 20 tablets and now i got about 60 for the same price) but now my question . What do you guys think about these ones , because they were so cheap i'm a bit sceptic and i would like to hear your opinion about them.

Brand : Krüger optiform multivitamins (20 tablets per tube (i got 2) ) -> dissolve in water

Content :

Vit / how much / % daily recommanded dose

B1 1,2 mg 86%

B2 2,0 mg 125%

B3 15,0mg 83%

B5 9,1mg 152%

B6 1,4mg 70%

H 5,O ug 3%

C 75mg 125%

E 8,4mg 84%

Proteines 0g

Glucides 7,4g

Lipides 0g

Sodium 9,5 g

Brand : Biover basic vitamine ( 40 pills , oral intake)

Content :

Vit / how much / % Daily Recommanded Dose

A 1200ug 150%

B1 4,2 mg 300%

B2 4,8mg 300%

B3 36mg 200%

B5 18mg 300%

B6 6mg 300%

B12 3ug 300%

C 120mg 200%

D 7,5ug 150%

E 30mg 300%

Biotine 0,15mg 100%

Acide folique 200ug 100%

Magnesium 75mg 25%

Iron 14mg 100%

Zinc 15mg 100%

Molybdene 150ug 100%

Selenium 70ug 100%

Iodine 150ug 100%

Chrome 125ug 100%

Manganese 3,5mg 100%

So , tell me what you think

Thanks in advance

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I'm by no means a vitamin expert but I didnt want to leave you hanging with this post. Are you just looking for a good multivitamin?

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I'd prefer to get my vitamins from natural sources. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that this way they are much more potent.

whfoods.com food advisor is a great place to find out what you need in order to get a particular vitamin or mineral.

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