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What do you like about your appearance?

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I apologize if this has already been done. Tell me what you like about your appearance - hair, eyes, elbows, little toes, earlobes - anything at all.

I like:

1. My hair - thick, shiny, and curly

2. My feet - feminine and pretty

3. My stomach

4. My nose


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good question...provokes me to think lol! i guess theres a few things i like about me...my list:

my eyes coz i always get commented on how i have a really lovely eye colour lol!

my stomach coz its toned and flat lol!

the poky out bone above your chest!-weird i know, but i like it lol!

my ears are a nice size

my hair, quite like the colour and length.

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Guest ThereIsHope

I like everything about myself except for my acne and my nose. :D

If we are going for high points though, I like:

1. My hair. Its dark, long, thick, shiny, and falls in long, loose flowing curls. I have had several guys tell me I have "the sexiest hair on earth." lol :D

2. My height. I'm 5'1. I adore being petite!

3. My legs. Long for my height, tan, and very toned from running/swimming.

4. My feet. I wear a size 4 1/2 or 5 in womens!

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I like my whole face (except for my skin obviously, which RUINS it)

Urm I like my wrists too, their shockingly slender after I broke them as a child and had them in casts for ages - the muscle and fat wasted away and never came back.

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This is a little strange but i like the small of my back because it curves inwards to give me a reasonably sized butt! I lalso ike my hair, naturally wavy so i don't need tongs.

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well, what i am complimented on most is my eyes. Theyre a shiny blue.

also, i do have a good face when i dont have any acne, and i like my frame. Im tall, but not too tall, and im skinny, but i look healthy.

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This is a good question. It's good to make you think of positives about yourself. Um...

My hair- Very long (past my waist) naturally curly and auburn red. Complete strangers will tell me they love my hair, so that's nice.

My height (5'3") and weight. I'm pretty happy with my body.

I get complimented on my eyes alot. And they're green.

Oh and my hands. I think the weirdest compliment I ever received was when someone told me I had really pretty hands, lol. My old piano teacher told me I had musician hands.

If the stupid acne would go away, I think I'd feel ok. :doubt:

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-1. My hair as well...I dont do anything to it except brush it.

-2. My body (5ft 10 in.) I love being taller than most girls...

3. My weight- I can eat anything...

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I always get comments on my body from my family and stuff (and from strangers, which is very awkward), how I have the best legs ever and how flat my stomach is. I feel like my body image is somewhat distorted though, because I feel like my thighs and hips are too big. But I do love my eyes. They'e nice and blue. And I like the color of my teeth, they're nice and white, but theyre spaced somewhat because all of my teeth aren't grown in in the back (I guess I could get them fixed if I wanted, two of my uncles are dentists). And my hair. Hair people looooove it.

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my build; im 5 foot, 97 lbs. i like being small, people can pick me up =D, plus i eat more than anyone i know, but i never gain weight.

my eyes, they're gray which is kind of unusual.

my body skin, never sweaty, never dry, zero bumps, and olive complexion.

weird, not used to talking about my body!

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