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CSR and clogged pores

Ever since i started the CSR probably about 2 weeks ago, i'm not really sure, my nose has gotten worse and worse. The rest of my skin is consistently getting clearer, however.

What is happening is that it looks and feels like my pores on my nose are getting plugged up. This never happened before. And i'm talking a real CAP on top of the pores. Is it called a sebum plug or something?

Anyways, this only started after i started putting on bp and using cetaphil moisturizing lotion spf15. Eventually the plugged up pores (about 3 or 4 of them were really bad) turned into big red mountains on my nose. i tried to extract the plugged head from them once i saw they were turning into whiteheads. this made my skin look better for a couple of days as it even looked as if the redness died down. However, there are still several pores severely clogged and i wanted to stop them from turning into whiteheads so the tip of my nose isn't any redder than it already is.

Should I exfoliate? Should I do something different?

I also started a new diet where i cut down on dairy, red meat, and sugar (although i do still eat a little of each except the red meat). I also take omega 3 fatty acids every day with each meal.

any help would be appreciated.

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Try GENTLY exfoliating when you wash, maybe once a day. Some people have suggested toothbrushes, while I prefer a scrubbing cloth (the kind you can find at asian stores, seem to be made of plastic, like a very fine 'net' - I have bought them at Target as well). Couldn't live without my little cloth

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alright thanks, i know that CVS sells exfoliation pads and they even have ones meant for sensitive skin so i'll try that one out.

Should I be exfoliating my breakouts though? I heard that that could make them worse.

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One bit of advice I can offer is to maybe try a different cleanser, especially if you have oily skin or wear makeup. Cetaphil gentle cleanser seems to be wonderful for very dry skin, but for oily skin it just does NOT clean. I tried it, and within a few days I had pimples, where I was completely clear before trying the Cetaphil.

BP can help, but won't get really hard plugs. Try a different cleanser though and continue on with the CSR. Maybe Purpose Gentle Cleanser or bar, or the CSR cleanser.

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