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Proactiv Solution After accutane?

Hi guys, after finished my accutane course 60 mg a day for 7 months, the oild on my face has come back. Although no more pimples are coming out, I am quite irritated with that. Recently, my friend suggested me to use proactiv solution. I checked on he web to find out about the products, the cleanser and tone consist of benzoyl peroxide as their main ingredients. Is it a good idea to use this guys?

please help..thanks

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Benzoyl peroxide's effect upon long term use is sketchy right now, so if you don't have any breakouts, it would probably be best not to use it. Try something with AHA.

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Do some reading regarding acne formation and how differerent types of medication goes about treating acne.

a few pages of reading will help you tremendously in forming a plan of attack.

In short.

Benzoyl peroxide acts on the reducing the p.acne bacteria.

Retinoid such as Retin-A acts on the pore.

now acne forms because of blockage of the pore, thus the sebum and therefore p.acne thrive in that environment.

So after an aggressive treatment with accutane, how do you think you should go about keeping your face clear?

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