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Another success story and some tips for the regimen

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If you are reading this and are one of the people who are still trying to get clear, then trust me...I was exactly where you were! About 4 months ago I started the regimen and as the weeks went by, I didn't see any success. I would constantly see posts about how people were succeeding and how that if you just stick with it, it will work out eventually. Man, did I hate those people! :) I was just so upset that every kind of treatment, medication, or regimen I had ever tried always seemed to work for everyone else except me.

I actually quit the regimen about a month into it after seeing NO kind of improvement. I then tried variations of the regimen, adding SA before the BP to help with absorption or using Neosporin with the Acne brush (the Jessfoliation method). Still nothing.

Then I thought maybe I was being to rough with my skin. I bought this cleanser called Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Face Wash, and it was a Godsend! I found out about it through SnowQueen who said that the pH level in it was good enough so that it wouldn't irritate your skin. I'm no acne scientist but this definitely was a first step to my improvments. When I wash my face, I BARELY touch it. I splash my face with water, and gently run my fingers across my face just making sure that my face is wet. Then I use about 4 pumps and apply the foam as if it were shaving cream. Again, I am BARELY touching my face. After applying (which shouldn't take any longer than 10 seconds). I splash my face again and rinse off the foam...ahem...BARELY touching my face. Then I gently pat down my face with a towel. I think you can see that the emphasis here is to be gentle with your face!

Next came the BP. Always, wash your hands WITH soap. This actually made a big difference. You don't want anything on your fingers when you are rubbing the BP on your face. When applying the BP, I modified the way I put it on my face. Before I used to really rub it in like Dan does in his video. For me, I think that irritated my face too much. Now, when I apply BP I almost just coat it on and gently rub it in just a few times so that I don't see the white anymore. I use a full finger for my face and half a finger for my jawline and neck.

Regarding dryness: Yes, you will get dryness no matter what moisturizer you use. Even with the awesome Eucerin moisturizer (the one with AHA and SPF15) your face will still be dry sometimes. In fact, I would get really dry and flaky in the beginning and then it would go away. That doesn't mean your face won't get dry ever again. Every now and then my face will get flaky. Your skin is just weird like that sometimes. For the most part though, if you use a moisturizer with AHA, it will really help with the flakiness. I've tried all sorts of moisturizers and the ones with AHA work the best for keeping flakes away. Some people experience irritation at first but I never did. If you do experience irritation, I would hold off on it and try it again a week later to see if your face gets used to it. Since Eucerin discontinued the SPF15/AHA moisturizer, I use the Neutrogena one which also has SPF15 and AHA. It's not as light as the Eucerin one but it works pretty good. I have no problems with absorption. The only thing is that it's scented but that's not really a big deal for me.

Definitely moisturize and put sunscreen if your moisturizer doesn't already have some kind of SPF. This is important before going outside. However, at night I do something slightly different. Because I am a long time acne sufferer I have plenty of brown marks. After applying BP, instead of using moisturizer, I apply a coat of Neosporin on the discolored areas and I've definitely seen a big improvement. The Neosporin goes on white at first but it will eventually absorb into your skin and disappear. It also actually keeps my skin moisturized enough so I don't even apply moisturizer. I know this part will be debated because some people swear by moisturization but this works out great for me. If you do decide to use Neosporin, remember to get the CREAM and not the OINTMENT. The ointment will clog your pores but the cream will not.

So that's my story with the regimen and hopefully this will help some of you out there. I'm completely clear now and have been for about a month now. I did get a few new pimples but they were TINY compared to the ones I got before and now they disappear super fast. I also don't touch my face ever! I used to touch my face out of habit and sometimes I'd do it without noticing but now I make a conscious effort never to touch my face. If I have a really bad itch and I can't take it anymore I gently rub it (not scratch) with my finger. The key to my success was being extremely gentle. If the regimen doesn't seem to be working for you, try this out and let me know how it works out.

Many thanks to Dan, SnowQueen, and all the other great contributors on this board. You all are great for helping everyone out.

Good luck to everyone out there!

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And thanks for posting your story and comments, I'm sure it will serve to encourage others to hang in there!!

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Yea you definitely have to be patient, but when I started doing my "extra gentle" method, I saw results in a couple of weeks. It was pretty amazing. I thought I was being gentle when I first started but I guess it just wasn't gentle enough :)

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