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My BHA (salicylic acid) log

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Day 1

Ok, ill just received a 8.5oz bottle of 2% beta hydroxy acid (or salicylic acid) gel.

Current status:

Mild acne, no red active ones, lots of small whiteheads and blackheads on my face and back which practically cant been seen but you can feel them.

Nose is full of tiny black spots that are there for as long as i can remember.

A lot of small red scars from picking at blackheads, those will normally fade out in a few weeks.

Current regimen:

- 2X a week exfoilant in shower (face and back), not much results, only less big and more smaller whiteheads.

- wash my face 2X a day with plain water.

New regimen:

- 2X a day washing face and back with plain water, patting it dry and then putting on a rich layer of the 2% BHA gel on my back/shoulders and face.

(im not gonna rinse the gel off, bottle says rinse off....pfff no way)

- 2X a week granulary exfoilant in shower like i used to do.

- and no picking at all, even at the blackheads.

(im not gonna use a moisterizer yet, only if my skin gets too dry i will)

lets give it a try

its probably not so smart to put on a thick layer on my entire back/face right away but im gonna go surfing in 3 weeks so i need results fast. crossing fingers...

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Day 1 evening

omfg, i just washed my face and i started to burn like hell and get very red when i put on the new layer,

so ive put some moisterizer on top of the BHA, lets see what tomorrow brings...

edit: ok, its one hour later, i have washed the gel off my face and back entirely

1: because my face is getting even redder so i put a lot of moisterizer on it

2: my tshirt has discolored from the gel on my chest, havent put moisterizer on my back, it doesnt get red or dry

lets hope the redness is gone by tomorrow, i would say ill sleep on it but im gonna pull an alnighter tonight to study. so thats why the label said: rinse thoroughly

BUT: it seems to work, although but a bit too well, the blackheads on my nose have faded like 50% and my shoulders feel a whole lot smoother, and this only after 7 hours!!!, ill change my regimen and give it another shot tomorrow. this experiment is far from over, my acne shall be gone soon, i can feel it :D

ok this is what it looks like, the image is very orange but the redness is mainly under my eyes as you might see:

IPB Image

this pics is so blurry, because my digital camera is total crap :P

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Day 2

redness has away for the most part, now ill just put the gel on let it dry for 5-10mins and wash it off, then use a moisterizer.

ow yeah and some blackheads have inflammated, probably because of my skin abuse yesterday, i just pushed them out and got rid of the little fuckers. :D

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Day 5 evening

Im not going to put on any gel on my back as well tonight because im getting some red ichi zones on my shoulders. :doh:

O and ive got red dry flaky spots around my mouth too since last night.

So ill stop using the gel until the redness fades and then use it on my back again but only once a day, not twice.

BUT there is definitely an upside to all this, the salicylic acid has not only cause my whiteheads/blackheads to get a lot smoother to the point that my back almost feels nice to touch, it also serves as quite the bleacher it seems; the red and dark marks have faded almost to the point that you cant see

them anymore from a few feet away :D. Now to get a bit of tan and my back is gonna be alright for the surfing holiday, which was all i ever wanted out of this

experiment :cool:.

Ill post again in a few days.

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Day 11

Status: bacne got better, skins feels very smooth but very dry and ichi too.

This being said, i had enough of this regimen, im going all natural again, im not saying it doenst work, i just dont feel like spending 30mins every morning and evening just putting on products and having a dry skin, also because i occupy myself with my acne treatment i pick a lot more, and picking is my worst problem.

So i guess its better to just let myself be ok with some mild acne, because if i dont care about my acne problem, it stops being a problem :razz:.

This was a short regimen log, i dont know if anyone even read anything of this, doenst matter really :lol: , cheers.

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I read it mark :D nothing is ever in vain here, someone will always have a look and take something from it and along with other accounts form it into an opinion of a particular treatment etc..

I hope the natural approach works out for you and that maybe seen as your acne is mild, is simply improves and fades in time..

much luck

orla ;)

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