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Guest fatman_uk

Yeah, but i guess that's the yanks for ya... always insecure. biggrin.gif


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Why do you guys call us Yanks? I'm just wondering where the term comes from. Cause here in the south, people always refer to people from up north (in the US) as yankees - you know cause of the civil war.

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Oooh. This is interesting. (maybe just to me?) "Yankee" comes from the Dutch nickname "Janke" according to my dictionary. The British contemptuously called New Englanders by this name as early as the 1750's. (A lot of Dutch had settled in the area.)

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Interesting -BTW, gaz, I wasn't offended by it - i just was curious about where the term came from. You can call me cracker, yank, honkey... j/k seriously though i probably wouldn't be offended even if you did call me those things. So what exactly does "janke" mean? It's interesting to me as well...

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[Probably from Dutch Janke, nickname of Jan, John.]

Word History: The origin of Yankee has been the subject of much debate, but the most likely source is the Dutch name Janke, meaning “little Jan� or “little John,� a nickname that dates back to the 1680s. Perhaps because it was used as the name of pirates, the name Yankee came to be used as a term of contempt. It was used this way in the 1750s by General James Wolfe, the British general who secured British domination of North America by defeating the French at Quebec. The name may have been applied to New Englanders as an extension of an original use referring to Dutch settlers living along the Hudson River. Whatever the reason, Yankee is first recorded in 1765 as a name for an inhabitant of New England. The first recorded use of the term by the British to refer to Americans in general appears in the 1780s, in a letter by Lord Horatio Nelson, no less. Around the same time it began to be abbreviated to Yank. During the American Revolution, American soldiers adopted this term of derision as a term of national pride. The derisive use nonetheless remained alive and even intensified in the South during the Civil War, when it referred not to all Americans but to those loyal to the Union. Now the term carries less emotionexcept of course for baseball fans.

As for america itself personally I consider it among the worst country's in the world.

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As for america itself personally I consider it among the worst country's in the world.

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Oh I totally missed that comment. Hmmm... well to each his own. America has it's ups and downs just like every other country on the freaking plannet.

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I was talking about the broader impact of America on the world and their control over issues, which have nothing to do with them. There selfish disregard for other countries and views. North America is a beautiful place but then you have places like cities that ruin it. I just don’t like America you build your wealth on the poverty of others you advise the third world on how to manage food when so many Americans don’t know where there next meal is coming from. Aw why bother arguing with you.

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Really, I wasn't trying to start an argument. I was just asking for clarification. Incidentally, some of your comments also apply to countries other than the US.

Agreed that current administration seems to disregard diplomacy to a degree. It's a shame.

I think our country's problems are blown way out of proportion in international media. Of course we are perceived as arrogant, and people try to knock us down a peg. Maybe it's sometimes jealousy, plain and simple.

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In Australia the word "yank" is used because it is rhyming slang with "septic tank"...another variation is "seppo".

Basically it means that Americans are full of shit.

Dont shoot the messenger, I love Americans.

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I love America. biggrin.gif

In my opinion its the best country in the world by a long way. I've wanted to go for ages but hopefully I will be coming over there soon. Wanna eventually live there.


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Jealous of what? Your complete manipulation of other countries? Your complete disregard for other countries to manage their own affairs? I’m not jealous of the US id hate it if my country was even remotely like the US, which unfortunately it is. And yes other countries have problems to but they don’t go around poking their noses into other countries affairs and bossing them around.

Take for instance these crimes committed by the US.

List of US Interventions, Invasions & Assassinations:

US Foreign Interventions and Invasions since Vietnam

· Cuba 1963 - today - US blockades island for 39 years. Numerous assassination attempts against leader. Continued actions condemned by Human Rights Groups and the United Nations General Assembly.

· Australia 1973-75 - CIA interferes and manipulates free election process.

· Chile 1973 - CIA backed coup ousts elected president, installs Gen. Pinochet. Decades of human rights abuses follow.

· Portugal 1974 - CIA funnels millions to destabilize and sabotage NATO ally.

· Angola 1976-92 - CIA assists South Africa-backed rebels.

· Afghanistan 1979-82 - US supports, arms, trains Mujahadeen rebels including rebel leader Osama Bin Laden.

· El Salvador 1980-92 - US aids government condemned for gross human rights violations.

· Nicaragua 1981-92 - US directs and illegally supports contra war, mines harbour. Allows open flow of narcotics into US. US actions condemned by the United Nations World Court.

· Chad 1982 - US supports overthrow of government. CIA supported secret police kill and torture tens of thousands.

· Libya 1982 - USA shoots down 2 Libyan jets.

· Honduras 1982 -90 - US builds bases near borders, supports government that uses Death Squads against it's citizens.

· Lebanon 1982-84 - US bombs and shells Muslim positions, expels PLO from territory.

· Grenada 1983-84 - US military invades tiny island. 400 Grenadians killed. "Gross violation" of international law condemned by United Nations.

· Iraq 1987-88 - US supports and arms Saddam Hussein's Iraq in war against Iran.

· Iran 1988 - US shoots down Iranian passenger airliner, killing 290 civilians. Claims it was an "accident".

· Libya 1989 - US bombs capitol Tripoli killing 55 civilians. Calls it "collateral damage".

· Philippines 1989 - US supports corrupt govt of Ferdinand Marcos against citizen uprising.

· Panama 1989 - US invades with 27,000 soldiers. Kills 3000+ Panamanians, kidnaps it's own installed drug-dealing leader and CIA asset. Illegal US actions condemned by nearly unanimous United Nations and Organization of American States.

· Kuwait 1991 - US invades Middle East, contradicting its position by intervening in inter-Arab affairs. Returns Kuwaiti Monarchy accused of human right abuses to throne.

· Iraq 1990 - today - US randomly bombs civilian areas. Blockades Iraqi ports, allows no humanitarian or medical aid. est. 10,000 Iraqi's starve/die monthly as result.

· Bulgaria 1991 - CIA funnels millions to destabilize one of the first freely elected governments since the fall of the Eastern Bloc.

· Somalia 1992-94 - US sends in humanitarian aid. Becomes involved in Civil war, takes sides attacking one Mogadishu faction. Kills 500+ Somalis.

· Peru 1992 - 01 - US provides military support, millions of dollars to corrupt Fujimori government. Drug kingpin Vladimir Montesino on CIA payroll while serving as Intelligence Chief. Involved directly in shooting down missionary aircraft, killing American woman and her infant child.

· Colombia 1992 - present - US supports Colombian military, heavily involved in drug trafficking. 1,640 pounds of cocaine lands in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida hidden inside Colombian Air Force cargo plane. Nearly 20,000 people killed by US supported military and para-military so far.

· Bosnia 1993 - US naval blockade of Serbia and Montenegro.

· Haiti 1994 - US blockades island government, CIA supports military coup to remove elected President Aristide, then forcibly re-installs Aristide as President after he agrees to US conditions of rule.

· Sudan 1998 - US bombs Aspirin Factory in Khartoum killing civilians.

· Afghanistan 1998 - US missiles kill 28 civilians

· Yugoslavia 1999 - Hundreds of Serbs killed by US controlled NATO bombing campaign. US laser-guided bombs destroy Chinese Embassy in Belgrade killing three Chinese journalists.

US involvement in Foreign assassinations or attempts - prohibited by Presidential decree since 1976

· 1960 - General Abdul Karim Kassem, leader of Iraq

· 1961 - Francois Duvalier, leader of Haiti

· 1961 - Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Congo

· 1961 - General Rafael Trujillo, leader of Dominican Republic

· 1963 - Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam

· 1960s - Fidel Castro, President of Cuba , numerous attempts

· 1960s - Raul Castro, brother of Fidel.

· 1965 - Francisco Caamano, Opposition leader, Dominican Republic

· 1965-6 - Charles de Gaulle, President of France

· 1967 - Ernesto Che Guevara, Cuban leader

· 1970 - Salvador Allende, President of Chile

· 1970 - General Rene Schneider, Commander of Chilean Army

· 1970s, 81 - General Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama

· 1972 - General Manuel Noriega, chief of Panama Intelligence

· 1975 - Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire

· 1976 - Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica

· 1980-86 - Moammar Qaddafi, leader of Libya, numerous attempts

· 1982 - Ayatollah Khomeine, leader of Iran

· 1983 - General Ahmed Dlimi, Army commander of Morocco

· 1983 - Miguel d'Escoto, Foreign Minister of Nicaragua

· 1984 - All nine leaders of the Nicaraguan National Directorate

· 1985 - Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Lebanon Shiite leader

· 1991 - Saddam Hussein, leader of Iraq

· 1998 - Osama bin Laden, former US trained "freedom fighter".


A war on terrorism should start with America. You reap what you soe, not that I’m saying terrorism is right but what can you expect when you annoy the entire world.

So is there any justification for these things? What good things you can say about America over shadow all of the negatives?

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hey yea theres alot wrong with america, but theres alot right too. I love my country, we're not perfect (who is?), but i still think the us is the best place i could hope to live in

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· Cuba 1963 - today - US blockades island for 39 years. Numerous assassination attempts against leader. Continued actions condemned by Human Rights Groups and the United Nations General Assembly.  

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I love America.  

In my opinion its the best country in the world by a long way. I've wanted to go for ages but hopefully I will be coming over there soon. Wanna eventually live there.

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