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Setting My Foot Down Questions/Need Expert Advice

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I'm sick and tired of waking up each morning and letting the mirror dictate how my day is going to go. Although I am not as psychologically affected by Acne as I was in High School I think it is time to end our relationship. We have had our ups and downs but I must let Acne go. But I need your Help.

I'm 19 Male, I started getting Acne at 15. It took a big toll on me that 1st year, It came and it came strong. Eventually with treatment and time it wasnt as bad and I got used to it.

I'm 19 right now and I havent really let it affect me as much, I am able to look at anyone in the eye something I could not do before.

But lately it has had an effect on me, today it subconsciously made me avoid talking to a girl that I really like. I know that my face was the reason I didnt go up to her, I hadnt seen her talked or seen her since last semester and was looking forward to talking to her but I didnt think I was in the best of shape and ended up not talking to her.

I cant let this affect me and I'm on mission now and I'm going to do my best to stop this.

At 15 I used Retin A Micro and it did a great job clearing me up by the summertime, however being complacent I started using it sporadically and the Acne reared its ugly head again. I tried going back to it regularly but it only got worst and I gave up and started using Benzamycin (5% Benzoyl Peroxide) I used that for just until 8 monthts ago. It was pretty consistent about a pimple every other day, I said enough I want to get rid of this completely, and I remembered the effects Retin A Micro had and wanted to go back to that.

Currently I have been using Retin A Micro for about 8 months. It has NOT had the same effect as it did previously.

I have been experimenting with various cleansers in the process.

Cetaphil bar

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

Aveeno Acne Face Wash (Currently Using)

I think the cetaphil bar I had been using is actually a body bar, and thats why I decided to switch up it was leaving my skin very dry. The Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser was going alright but I felt it wasnt enough I wanted to be completely clear and after a breakout I decided to switch to get some more help and got the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser (Salicylic Acid .5%) Its not getting the job done It has actually gotten worst.

I learned here that the salicylic acid may actually be preventing the Retin A from doing its thing.

I also take Erythromycin capsules (250mg) twice a day.

Some information on my Skin Type:

I tend to have dry skin in the morning but by the evening it moisturizes itself and sometimes gets oily.

I have noticed that my pore size has been increasing in the nose area and right next to it (about an inch below the eyes) But I almost NEVER get pimples in those areas anymore so why would the pores get big, and how do I prevent that?

Most of my pimples arise from the Chin, and above the upper lip (the lower moustache area). Periodically (currently) I get lots of redness on the sides of my face on the lower jaw and below my jaw. It has also recently been spreading to below the chin. Why do both sides of my face break out at the same time? As opposed to sometimes one sometimes another? Could it have something to do with my pillowcase or something like that?

I get a lot of whiteheads

Especially in the upper lip area, I Hate Those!

What I do is take a towel put hot water on it and it is suppsed to stimulate the whitehead to pop? Then It just easily rubs away, and I put antiseptic on it, is this ok to do?

I also use Neutrogena Antiseptic Cleanser after I wash my face, but does this get rid of the Salicylic Acid treatment in the morning?

I could be preventing both the Salicilyic Acid and Retin A treatments, something I did not realize.

I was thinking of dropping Retin A for a Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment by Neutrogena it seems a lot more friendly to my face, as my face has a reddish tone to it I think due to the Retin A. I want a clear natural looking face. What do you guys think?

What is a good Regimen for me involving the Retin A Treatment and getting the most out of it?

I plan on dropping the Aveeno but what should I get?

Any other things you noticed any other advice Greatly Welcome!

Thank You

And I will keep you up to date on the application of the consensus we come to (and the girl) hehe

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