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Due to popular demand and numerous pm's...

watch what your saying people.. last week he had the perfect regimen that.. er... made him break out!! But this week he has transformed into a Bodybuilder !!

Not to be messed with this chap! ;)

:clap: <--for qwerty and Angelis...well said :clap:

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Fuzion- dont know about the accutane.. after 4 heart attacks and a stroke reading thru some of his old posts i had to stop...my nerves were shot. Case closed.

why would anyone want to try his regimen?.. it obviously impairs brain function, distorts reality, thusly turning the poor victim into a huge assahola...one on this board is enough!!! FINITO!!..CASE CLOSED!

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Guess whose back, back again… Necromancer’s back, tell a friend… Necro’s back, Necro’s back, Necro’s back…I have returned after awhile away. I had a relatively major breakout, but I didn’t complain (since it was due to my intense bodybuilding diet consuming nearly 5000 calories a day – gained almost 13 lbs in just over a month!). I just told my acne “Don’t sing it, BRING IT!� After about a week it disappeared. But during that week, I battled it with unbelievable blows like eating fast food! I went to Steak N Shake and ordered the nastiest things, including a cup of greasy French fries, which were very delicious. My face was like, “WTF? You don’t fear me?� I said, “No!� Then I guzzled down a bunch of chocolate bars (pure protein bars that are composed of almost pure chocolate), and then headed over to KFC for the knockout punch with fried chicken tenders. My face didn’t stand a chance. All I can say is that it was KO! Now I am clear and my acne has since retreated from the battlefield. Case closed!



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Guest Johnny Drama

This tossers extreme regimen is to cut off his head :doh: Plus, its almost the 16th already mate, just post the bloody thing :evil:

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This tossers extreme regimen is to cut off his head :doh: Plus, its almost the 16th already mate, just post the bloody thing :evil:

15th here in the states. ;) Only by 3 hours, too. He's probably getting his beauty sleep. Metro.

Please. Everyone, stop looking at this dreadfully stupid thread. This guy doesn't even know the basics of body building (which is about as simple as it gets), yet he's claiming he has the cure for a disorder that even scientists can't figure out. This guy doesn't even look old enough to be in college yet, and if he indeed is somehow a college student, he's probably spending his time at lame-ass parties wasting his life and trying to impress chicks with his super-unbuff body, bucked white teeth and sunglasses that make him look like a BMW driving, small penis having, "going through a mid-life-crisis" accountant. Soon, add stretch marks and a flabby gut to that list, shaken in a tall glass of loser and an ego that makes Paris Hilton say rethink her lifestyle because she doesn't want to end up that stupid.

Think that about covers it. People, there are two ways to get rid of Acne; BP, if you're lucky, and Accutane if you're not. If neither of those can clear you up, I honestly couldn't tell you waht to do, because all these "regimines" and "natural remedies" and crap just don't work. Trust me, tried them myself a bagillion times and I feel like an idiot everyday for it.

...But not "Necromancer" stupid. No no, not that stupid.

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This tossers extreme regimen is to cut off his head :doh: Plus, its almost the 16th already mate, just post the bloody thing :evil:

15th here in the states. ;) Only by 3 hours, too. He's probably getting his beauty sleep. Metro.

Please. Everyone, stop looking at this dreadfully stupid thread. This guy doesn't even know the basics of body building (which is about as simple as it gets), yet he's claiming he has the cure for a disorder that even scientists can't figure out. This guy doesn't even look old enough to be in college yet, and if he indeed is somehow a college student, he's probably spending his time at lame-ass parties wasting his life and trying to impress chicks with his super-unbuff body, bucked white teeth and sunglasses that make him look like a BMW driving, small penis having, "going through a mid-life-crisis" accountant. Soon, add stretch marks and a flabby gut to that list, shaken in a tall glass of loser and an ego that makes Paris Hilton say rethink her lifestyle because she doesn't want to end up that stupid.

Think that about covers it. People, there are two ways to get rid of Acne; BP, if you're lucky, and Accutane if you're not. If neither of those can clear you up, I honestly couldn't tell you waht to do, because all these "regimines" and "natural remedies" and crap just don't work. Trust me, tried them myself a bagillion times and I feel like an idiot everyday for it.

...But not "Necromancer" stupid. No no, not that stupid.

lol :clap: you read my mind....Angelis is awesome!!! :cool: Listen to him people!!!

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

So are you going to cut the bullshit and self indulgent posts, then deliver this regimen?

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Guest Johnny Drama

Ill post it for you, here is a Necromancer post from a while back.

This is the #1 and only post any acne sufferer will ever need to read that is going through mild to severe acne. By mild I mean a few clusters of pimples on an oscillating basis (heavy to light year around). By severe I don’t mean some of the pictures I have seen other members’ post of victims of extreme acne or other unfortunate acne problems that will leave them heavily scarred for the rest of their lives. By severe, I mean those that have cystic acne that is controllable along with your everyday pimples. It can be all over your face but not in disfiguring form.

My background is that I have gone through acne since I was 10-11. I used to have large pimples and cysts all over my forehead and pimples around my nose and mouth. I never had it on my cheeks. I also had lots of cysts on my back and shoulders. But my face is about as oily as a person’s face can be short of dumping my head in some 10W-30. I eventually my several lifestyle changes and I was able to control it short of 1 or 2 pimples every few weeks. My face and back is now clear.

Now to the point and the reason this post is #1. I have the cure that will end all other cures. To sum it up, it’s willpower. I know you are either saying “wtf?� or “whatever� or “what are you talking about?� What I am saying it takes a combination of remedies to completely cure all acne. I saw some people suggest that it may be your liver. I agree completely. This means CHANGE YOUR DIET. Yeah, you are taking all that medication and using all the creams, but why are you still eating at McDonald’s, drinking soda, and still eating candy like no tomorrow? The acne is not being attached to your skin from outside sources, its being created within your body. Think of it like this, if you sweat, where is all that coolant coming from? If you don’t drink pure water all the time, then it will contain impurities like sugar, oils, fats, and starches that will leave your face in a mess. DRINK WATER ONLY is another suggestion. Drink it until it hurts, until you urinate all day and can’t take it anymore. It might not help or cure your acne, but it won’t hurt. It also takes away that variable completely.

I also see these people post stuff up like “my face just blew up overnight�. Yeah right. If that happened, you are a specimen to science. It doesn’t just happen in one day. It starts and YOU LET IT HAPPEN. Yes I am saying you are partly to blame and here’s why. You start getting them or feel them coming and at first you don’t know what is happening to your skin. But after a few days you know from either friends or family telling you that you are going through puberty. If so, start doing something NOW. Don’t wait, and don’t tell me you can’t afford it. Use it as a Christmas present. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Use it for your birthday present. GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST NOW. Also, I hear people trying to pick at it, especially cysts or deep pimples. WHY ARE YOU PICKING AT IT? You are only driving the bacteria deeper and creating scars that YOU CREATED. Let the cyst or pimple stay there. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just treat it and forget about it. I have no scars from any of my acne.

As for sunlight, I see mixed opinions. Skin cancer can happen, but so can you dying from a car accident today. I say THE MORE SUN, THE BETTER. After all, superman is powered by the sun and look how strong he is (Just kidding, although the sun does help tremendously). This goes for those of you lazy people that sit in your rooms feeling sorry about yourselves. Sit outside and cry then.

Go WORKOUT. Some of you might have acne because all that fat and oils in your bodies have no wear else to go but through your skin. Exercise, sweat, and remove those impurities while looking better at the same time.

Overall, it's all about willpower and discipline. Try a cream or remedy and if it doesn’t work, wait and try another. I recommend the following,

-Drink a gallon of water a day, throughout the day

-Eliminate completely greasy foods, fast foods, candy, chocolate (if it isn’t naturally found in nature, do not eat it). I don’t care if you get some stupid urge like “I have to have popcorn to watch a movie�. You know what I eat at the theater? I BRING A BAG OF BABY CARROTS!!!

-Go outside everyday or tan to get some Vitamin D

-Get plenty of sleep (although this remedy is exaggerated, since I am clear whether I sleep at all)


-Do not disturb your acne. Look at the mirror and say, “Bring It!� and refuse to touch even the worst cyst

-Find a remedy whether it be a cream that suits your skin or a pill you take or even regular dermatologist visits for advice or more intensive medications

-Lastly, stop complaining like it’s the end of the world. If you had any willpower or dedication at all, you would have a face unscarred and very treatable with the medications they have out on the market today. Some of you have scars because you just pick and pick at it. I have read lots of posts about how “…I just popped it, I didn’t care anymore…� Well if you didn’t care, then don’t complain when your face looks like the surface of the moon and expect a doctor to fix the impossible.


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Guest Johnny Drama

so hes basically telling us what we already [email protected]#$#!!!! figures.

What did you expect from this fruitloop, hes not Jesus or Dan :snooty:

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whoever pm d necromancer about his regimine is an idiot.

BUT if what Johnny Drama posted is in fact the "EXTREME REGIMEN" fuck you necromancer. fuck you.

most of the stuff you said isn't incorrect but its general knowledge. you made it sound like you had something special... not like i was expecting anything but you went as far as saying to get a lot of sun? what about those on medications that don't allow you to be out in the sun. what about the several derms i've been to that tell me that sunlight isn't good for acne.

drink a lot of water until it hurts? your obviously a retard. case closed.

and lastly working out doesn't exactly help with everybody's acne. just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for everybody else.

i honestly hope you get banned from the forums cause your the only person over the internet that has gotten to my head.

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Guys, give him a break. And mikee, I've been getting plenty of sunlight in the past couple weeks (not on Necromancer's recommendation, by the way) to help heal my redmarks, and it's working like a charm. And this is when I was told that sunlight is the worst thing for redmarks. Of course if you are taking topicals, your face will be sensitive to the sun, so it'd be best to stop those. Sunlight - WITHOUT carcinogenic sunblocks - is healthy; the key is just to avoid getting burned. My skin never sunburns anyways. As for what derms say, how many people on this board have been fucked over by the recommendations of dermatologists that can't tell psoriasis from acne?

On a side note, I'm doing all kinds of things to heal my skin aside from sunlight. I also follow a diet developed specifically for my metabolism, get plenty of sleep every night in a consistent sleeping cycle, and exercise frequently. As for the water thing, I do agree with you. Our bodies tell us when we're thirsty; that's when you need to drink water (best if it is bottled spring water or purified, for obvious reasons). You don't need some set x number of liters to drink every day.

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Ill post it for you, here is a Necromancer post from a while back.

Look at the mirror and say, “Bring It!� and refuse to touch even the worst cyst

Thank you Johnny Drama for posting this invaluable info from Necro's previous post! I did as instructed above - I kept screaming "Bring it!! Bring it!!" at my acne, but nothing happened - am I doing something wrong? Should I be saying it with a British accent or something? Am I supposed to throw gang signs while doing it? Please advise....

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500th Post

Revision 1.0 - Regimen posted - 09-15-06

Revision 1.1 - Fixed symbol corruption - 12-21-06

What you are about to read is 100% fact. The characters are not made up and the situations aren't exaggerated. This document was formatted to fit to your screen. Parental discretion is advised.




I wrote this in order to aid and help those that are suffering from mild to lightly moderate acne and have had no real success with their acne treatments. I feel that hearing advice from someone that looks like their regimen worked with no noticeable scarring is a lot more comforting than hearing other people's routines only to see that they still have persistent acne. It's like hearing exercise recommendations from someone out of shape. It makes their advice not credible overall. I have always wanted to share my years of experience and my detailed and highly modified routine after I found one that is consistent and fairly easy to do without memorizing time limits and ridiculous combinations for treatment. I also must say that this Regimen will not perform miracles to those that have a lot of scarring after years of having persistent acne even though it might have been very mild during that time. You can use what I use to make scars fade away and be unnoticeable, but this process, although it works very well, does take time and is not a quick fix. I recommend reading this from beginning to end in order to understand the whole scope of how I think acne can be improved for cases like mine.


Ok. The wait is finally over! Contained in this document is the complete Extreme Acne-Free Regimen authored by me, Necromancer. I have done my best to make this document as useful and complete as possible in order to help the majority of the people that have had similar acne to mine, which was overall mild to lightly moderate acne. The places where I had it are forehead, temples, around the mouth, chin, jaw, neck, shoulders, and back. Unlike many people with acne, I never had it on my cheeks. To give some hope to those suffering acne like mine, less than mine, and certainly worse than mine, you definitely can take control of your acne to some degree. Miracles, if you want to call them that, are there. Take me for example; believe it or not, I was born legally blind. If you have 20/20 vision (6/6 for those outside the U.S. because of metric units), you have what is considered normal, which means that you can stand 20 feet away from a chart and can see what a normal human being can see. If you have 20/40 vision, it means that when you stand 20 feet away from the chart you can see what a normal human can see when standing 40 feet from the chart. That is, if there is a normal person standing 40 feet away from the chart and you are standing only 20 feet away from it, you and the normal person can see the same detail. 20/100 is worse and 20/200 is the cutoff for legal blindness in the United States. I was in the thousands as in 20/thousands. Today I am about 20/40.

The following paragraph is a brief introduction to my pre-acne history. When I was younger, I didn't take care of myself very well. I will say that I was pretty lazy about hygiene and maintaining a reasonably healthy diet. I drank soda almost every meal. Coca-cola was my favorite and I would drink so much of it - about as much as I drink water today. I played sports a lot so I would drink all kinds of soda to maintain my blood sugar levels and overall energy. As far as food itself, I had a very fast food type of diet. I loved to eat chicken nuggets anywhere I could find them whether they be at McDonald's or in the frozen boxes that I would eat at home. I ate other things that I can easily turn away today like pizza, French fries, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, muffins, ice cream, and hot dogs. Everything was great. I wasn't very careful in hygiene as I would brush my teeth once a day, take quick showers with no real process in mind, and didn't care too much about my hair. As for caring for my face, I totally disregarded it because it was clear whether I washed it once, twice, or never, throughout the day. It was never oily either.

One day during the middle of the school year in 5th grade I noticed something was happening to my face. I had about 5 or 6 bumps on my forehead and I never saw this before. This is probably the same situation many of you guys first faced. I thought it was just an allergic reaction to something. I was taken to the doctor and was diagnosed with the beginning of acne. The shock didn't set in at first because I didn't know much about acne. I never thought I would have acne. My relatives were clear and no one at school had it, especially this young. I thought it would go away and to my surprise it did! But this must have been a warning of things to come that would change my life forever.

During middle school, I went through many skin problems. The skin around my nose started peeling away and I had no idea what was going on. This was all before I started using any acne products so I thought it was just the weather or something. This would not be the case. In addition to the several problems I had with my teeth (headgear, surgery, retainer, braces, surgery, and more teeth problems), my skin was turning into a living disaster. Although I continued to play sports and stay active with friends and all, my self-esteem was taking huge hits. I thought it would never end.

Toward the end of middle school (around 8th grade), I had something happen to me that probably made a huge impact on my skin for the rest of my life. On vacation, I really messed up and suffered a full body burn. I suffered a 1st- 2nd degree burns everywhere except where my shorts were that I was wearing at the time. I was in bed for about 2 weeks as I laid there in intense pain (which I thought would be the worst pain I would ever feel until this pain was beaten just a few years ago by a more recent accident). I watched as my skin blistered all over in large bubbles, and my skin fell off. I had to use a moisturizer for burned skin to prevent my skin from drying out. My face was completely burned off. I was oozing a yellowish puss-like substance and my skin would fall off in layers. It took a long time for my skin to heal (although I think this had a lasting effect on the structure of my skin for years to come).

In addition to this, I tried using contacts in high school in an effort to minimize the “nerd� appearance I was portraying to strangers. This consisted of a mouth full of braces, glasses, and moderate acne (which was at its peak during this time). This plan failed miserably as I kept going to see the optometrist for my eyes were being slashed apart by the contacts (I had hard contact lenses because my vision didn't allow the soft variety). This I believe is one of the reasons for sensitivity to bright light (like the sun). Back to glasses I went, and deep into research I went in the cure for acne.

During this time, even though Acne.org was just starting out, I had no idea about it. I didn't have regular internet access and like most people during the late 90's, still didn't have a personal computer. If they did, many didn't have or could not afford internet access. So I did all my learning through word-of-mouth, trial-and-error, and reference books on skin structure and skin care. During this time I also eliminated coke from my diet in order to preserve my teeth. I never had a cavity to my teeth probably because I quit drinking soda, candy, and other junk food during this time (although I didn't completely stop and would return to my past food types).

I was able to somewhat control my acne during H.S. by forcing myself to eat very healthy and exercising regularly. But it still returned and was very consistent. This would continue through graduation and off to college.

In college, my first year had my worst acne. It was great timing too. I was going to a new place and not knowing anyone. At this time, the acne on my forehead was so severe (and I mean it matches what some of the more severe pictures I've seen on here and in real life) that I decided to wear a hat everywhere. My forehead was full of pustules and cysts. It was terribly painful as I continued researching and experimenting with my acne. At this time I also picked at my acne for a very brief period. But, the thing that I never did, but I saw/see a lot of people do, is pick with their fingers/fingernails. I never did this and I don't know the logic behind this. Instead I used a technique that I have refined over the years to almost eliminate scarring and is probably the most useful and proven acne tool I have ever created. This will be explained in the chapters below.

In early attempts to master this technique I went crazy one night before an interview and took a pair of scissors, a blade, and tweezers and literally performed surgery to my chin. I cut it open severely in order to remove 2 cysts that were very deep in the skin. I had no business at all to do this as it was totally unnecessary. I closed my chin and tried to reduce the swelling before the interview. I failed miserably as the interviewer's first question was if I was in a fight or hit something. Although I got the job, through some miracle, my chin would be disfigured for about a year.

This was one of the worst times in my 'acne career'. In addition to my forehead looking terrible and new cysts now forming along my neck and jaw line, I had a chin that looked like a mess. I began using makeup. This would turn out to be a big mistake and only lengthen the process of my face healing. My chin would become infected and the difference in skin tone from where I applied makeup to where I didn't was so distinct. I would get weird stares from people and I knew what they were looking at. It was a total embarrassment. I wanted to tear myself apart for making such a huge mistake because this was mostly my fault. At this time, I also began tearing my cysts out of my face along with all other pimples. I just didn't care anymore. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. This was until one day; I made a decision that I had to focus my entire time awake in finding the complete solution to my acne problem.

Through continuous trial and error and implementing things I learned from the internet and in reference books from medical professionals, I began to see improvement. Acne lessoned as I was able to refine how I took care of my acne condition throughout college. As I went through the 2nd half of my college career, I was able to nearly eliminate acne entirely. As I was in the process of eliminating it, I began experimenting with scar treatments. Even as efficient and careful I was at 'removing' the acne, I still had red marks and spots on my face due to scarring. I went through several remedies, some good and some not as well. I also decided to get my body into shape and refine my diet completely. The days of the old me and my original eating habits were history.

I am now finished from school having majored in engineering at one of the top engineering schools in the United States and working at a great job as a nuclear engineer. My face is completely clear with no visible scarring and no dryness. I have stopped my regimen time to time to see if I have just grown out of acne completely or if I still have it. Every time I do sway away from my regimen, I will have a breakout. It's a fact of life I have to accept. It's one that I accepted over ten years ago. If I hadn't continued searching for an answer and seeking skin improvement with my acne by facing it head on, I would have many scars on my face and would be depressed beyond my wildest dreams. Now let's go into the Extreme Acne-Free Regimen!

CHAPTER 1 - The Mindset

To be able to defeat acne, you have to have the right mindset 24/7 365 days a year. When you don't have acne, you can't be worrying about what you did during the day like what you ate, what could have aggravated your face, etc. When you are hit by a breakout, you can't go crazy and start tearing away at your face or body in an effort to 'eliminate' the acne once and for all. You have to have some discipline to stop touching your face and to stop worrying about your face. I never touch my face unless to apply cream or to wash it. You should focus on something positive and you have to keep this focus. You must believe that you will be clear if you follow your regimen correctly. Acne should be treated like anything else in life. You do what you can and follow all the steps correctly by making logically and smart decisions and then whatever else happens, you can't control and get mad over. For example, in poker when you play your cards right and whatever method you use, you are able to get your money in the pot against another when you are clearly ahead, the turn or the river cards are out of your control. The fact is that you did everything that you had control over and for this, you must be proud of what you achieved.

In completing my regimen, you might be able to complete all the tasks necessary and you might not. If you do and you still have acne after a reasonable amount of time, you can't be mad and give up. I have seen people continue their regimens for 2-3 months or more and when they finally reach success, they really feel like they have achieved more than anyone else believed they could achieve. You must continue battling and for this, you should be rewarded with skin that is eventually clear and scar free.

CHAPTER 2 - Reviews of Products I've Used

I have used many products that have been available on the market over the past 10 years. I started with Stridex pads, then moved to Clinique acne solutions (both the bar soap & facial scrub), then to Neutrogena products (liquid facial soap, vitamin enriched creams, body soap, body scrub, blemish concealer, and on-the-spot acne treatment), various moisturizers like Oil-of-Olay, and various scar treatment products like Mederma. I tried taking different supplements like Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and consuming a lot of Vitamin C. What I used now will be in Chapter 3. What I can say of past products is that they mostly didn't work. I haven't seen them work with most people. I mean lets be honest, when did Stridex pads ever work for anyone? If I knew what I know now back then, I would of realized that the whole idea of using them is to clear the skin of dirt and oil. But, are our faces covered in dirt and oil all the time? By having acne, don't we make sure through our various methods that that is an option that doesn't exist?

Other products, even though they may be called different names, are much of the same thing. You can tell if you look at the ingredients on the boxes they come in. So I have come to the conclusion that for over-the-counter acne products, there are only 2 main active ingredients that work consistently: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. I use both and I haven't seen many people do this from reading other people's regimens and from talking to people in real life. They usually use one or the other fearing that using both may be too harsh for the skin. I will explain how I use both in Chapter 3.


Now, if you are still reading this I should warn you of a few things. First, this regimen will only work if you had/have acne similar to mine which was mild to lightly moderate. This included the following acne types: whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. You saw I left out one of the common types, blackheads, because I never had a blackhead in my entire life. All my whiteheads never became partially blocked in order to create a blackhead and I guess this can be a good thing since blackheads generally take a longer time to heal and clear. I also had extremely dry skin in addition to extremely oily skin.

Second, you must follow the regimen step-by-step every day for as long as it takes. This means there are no exceptions to anything I do or don't say. If I left it out, then it is not part of the regimen. You also need to try your best to eliminate stress as much as possible to see better results. This can be done in a number of ways of which only you know what is best for you.

Third, as strict as the regimen might sound at first, you must make it part of you like breathing. You shouldn't have to memorize or make a check list of what you did or didn't do throughout a given day. If you are truly serious about getting your acne eliminated once and for all and to stop preventing it, then you must make this regimen a part of your everyday life. This regimen has worked on several people I have showed parts to. Some parts may be all that you need to see results, although I am showing you the entire regimen I follow daily.

Fourth, if you don't have acne similar to mine and you have something less severe, this regimen should still work to some degree. But, if you have more severe acne, even by the littlest of margins, I recommend going on Accutane immediately. I will discuss why to use nothing else but Accutane later in this document and why after weighing the pros and cons, Accutane in the long run will let you live a much happier life.

Fifth, I can't guarantee this regimen will work for everyone simply because most people aren't able to stick with it for very long. Others may not see results immediately and will become frustrated. I can, however, promise that your acne will not get worse with this regimen if your acne condition is similar to mine and at worst case, you will be healthier although your face may still be the same.

Before I go on, I will remind that everything I refer to in this regimen is for my acne type and those of you that have/had similar acne types. I don't want to be redundant and keep saying how it will only work with my type and all, etc. Now let's get started!


I believe acne elimination should start from the insides first and then be worked outward (creams, ointments, etc.). Diet is a key that must be considered seriously when trying to eliminate acne. You must first eliminate all soda products. Although sugar is a main reason for this, there are numerous other reasons that you might not know about soda. More than a million children today are afflicted with cerebral lesions (injury to the brain that causes sudden discharge of excessive nervous energy) and other afflictions caused by soft drinks. The acidity of soda is very high as well where it takes 32 glasses of high pH alkaline water to neutralize 1 glass of soda. To give an example of this extreme acidity, it has been shown countless times that if you put a nail or tooth in a bottle of coke, they will totally dissolve within days. Other people use coke to clean battery acid. There are other reasons as well to not drink soda but these reasons alone should make you think about that choice. I drink about 1 gallon of water a day along with 1-2 glasses of milk a day. If you are lactose intolerant, just stick with the water.

The food you eat plays a major part of your acne problems. I believe it is the root cause of bad skin conditions (acne as well as many other skin problems). Proof of this is shown that this skin disorder is predominantly a Western problem and people in those countries which do not follow a Western diet are not troubled by acne on a serious level, if at all. This is the reason why you might see people in Europe, Asia, and other Eastern parts of the globe have acne now. This is partly due to that the world is so global now that you can find a McDonald's or other Western restaurant of food source in just about every modernized country.

For human health, three processes are necessary and they include appropriation (taking in food, water, air etc.), assimilation (absorbing nutrients) and elimination (expelling waste or toxins). If any of these three processes become unbalanced, that leads to less than perfect health. If the digestive system (which does the work of assimilation) gets sluggish due to various reasons (unique for each person's body), then waste products may be expelled through the skin as blocked pores and acne. There are many factors which affect the digestive system, both internal and external, such as stress, which might cause indigestion, nausea, vomiting, gas and diarrhea. Stress (which I have already mentioned) can cause damage to digestion which results in bad skin conditions. That is why I continue to say to avoid stress at all costs by doing something that will take your mind off stressful things or situations.

Weak digestive systems fail to create enough hydrochloric acid which in turn affects liver function. The liver is responsible for processing toxins and once liver functions are affected, toxins start accumulating in the body tissue and organs. Liver malfunction also gives rise to another problem. It creates glandular problems which result in hormonal imbalance. Hormones play an important role in the development of acne, and this surely worsens the acne condition.

For meats, I recommend eating strictly chicken and turkey. This means no hamburgers, no bacon, no pork, no sausage -no pigs. For the chicken and turkey you must prepare them by either baking or grilling. Fried foods must be eliminated entirely because of the huge fat and oil content in these foods that often lead to oily skin to say the least. Any type of seafood is fine as long as they aren't fried. Seafood contains many acne fighters including the omega 3 and 6 oils. They also are far healthier than pork or beef.

Vegetables and fruits should be eaten daily but not overboard like I have seen in some regimens. More vegetables or more fruits are just as bad as having none. This is because eating more than 30-40 grams of fiber per day will adversely affect vitamin and mineral absorption. This is why I will never recommend becoming a vegetarian in hopes of improving your acne. You are just substituting one extreme for another and will often not see improved results. I have also seen many people have a misconception on what are good vegetables and they question why they aren't seeing results. One of the reasons to eat vegetables and fruits is to take in fiber for proper digestion. However, lettuce, tomatoes, and celery are terrible fiber sources. I eat daily the only vegetables: green beans, spinach, and peas. For vegetables I eat only watermelon and bananas. It is really that simple.

As a general rule, the diet requirement of my regimen is quite simple. For beverage, just drink water or milk. For meats, just eat chicken or turkey. For vegetables, just eat greens and for fruits, you can't go wrong. All foods that fall into my diet must be baked, boiled, or grilled. You can never use any condiments, spices, or toppings (this is where the regimen has been failed by many in the past). I am not going to go into the details of this except that first, they aren't necessary and second just trust me on this one if you are serious about eliminating your acne. Just eat everything plain - no salt, no pepper, nothing. If I eat a hot dog, I eat it with turkey meat, and I eat it plain without ketchup, mustard, and other condiments. If I go to subway, I usually get grilled chicken on Italian bread, with American cheese, and topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber. These are just a couple of examples of what I mean by 'no condiments'. Overall, the diet is really simple and not as restrictive as other diets I have heard of like 'no meat allowed' or 'no dairy'. If you feel certain foods work better or worse for your acne, then I recommend modifying the diet I have outlined to fit yourself better.

Other foods that are commonly eaten by American's must be banned and include: pizza, hot dogs, nachos, chicken nuggets (this isn't good chicken), ice cream, doughnuts, candy, and anything else that falls completely out of the realm of what I have said. If you feel that these diet requirements are too hard or you don't feel like following them, then that is fine. It can be hard at first. But, what I have said above really eliminates the whole 'diet caused my acne' scenario because this diet gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need in large quantities without making you lose weight or making you feel too restricted on what you can eat.

Below are everyday foods that I consume differently from most people (will be updated when needed):

-Waffles and pancakes are eaten plain (no butter, no syrup, nothing)

-Salt and pepper are never used including on meats, eggs, and other foods

-Bread is always eaten plain (no butter, jelly, peanut butter, nothing)

-Steak is eaten with no steak sauce

-Hot dogs and hamburgers, when eaten rarely are eaten plain (no ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish, nothing)

-Orange juice and any type of carbonated drink go on my list as the worst beverages to be consumed for acne

-Alcoholic beverages are between soda and water and can be consumed under controlled conditions

For supplements pertaining to acne, I recommend and use just one - Centrum Silver Complete. This is all that is necessary because it contains all the vitamins you need in correct proportions and if you want more, just take more tablets throughout the day. Many people fail to know how to properly take them. You should always take them during a meal. You should not before a meal and not after a meal. This is because if you think about what you are trying to accomplish, you want that pill to stay in your system as long as possible in order to be absorbed completely. If you take it before a meal, it will be the first in line to leave the body as the food you eat will just pile on top of it and force it out quicker. If you take it right after a meal, it goes on top of the rest of the food and defeats the purpose of mixing with the food's vitamins and minerals. Never take vitamins before sleep or without food because you will most likely eject it from the body through urination.

Below is a detailed sample day, internally, of my current Regimen (Not expected to be followed exactly but to give you an idea of exactly what I eat in case the above food recommendations aren't working for you and you want to see what I actually do):

-Wake up for work at 6:00 am:

-Go to the bathroom

-Apply BP on any areas where there are pimples (usually none). I circle both ways counterclockwise and clockwise around the base of the pimple.

-Meal 1: I eat on average 4 eggs, 4 waffles, 1 banana, 1 glass of milk, and 1 Centrum tablet (half way through the meal.

-*Meal 2: I eat 1 pure protein bar half way between breakfast and lunch while consuming 2-3 bottles of water

-Meal 3: For lunch, I eat usually a meat or fish of some type (chicken, salmon, turkey, or catfish) and 2 vegetables side dishes, with no drink

-I leave work, having never touched my face once even though by this time my face is a little oily

-On the way home, I usually order some more food, usually Chinese takeout.

-Meal 4: I eat chicken with broccoli and a fortune cookie

-I get home and I check my face as it is pretty oily. Depending on if it is “lift day� or not, I will wash my face gently with warm water and air dry. After the face is dry, I will apply BP to the spots I feel are prone to breakouts. If needed I will 'remove' any acne I think is required. Usually I won't wash my face until I shower.

-Meal 5: I cook 1lb of chicken breast (baked) with macaroni and cheese. I usually then cook a whole can of either French green beans or spinach. I eat 0.33 lb of chicken breast, the whole box of macaroni and cheese, the entire can of vegetables and a glass of milk

-If it's 'lift day', I go to the gym

-*Meal 6: I consume one glass of Mighty 3000 or ProLab NLarge 2

-'External Regimen' is located below

-Sleep at around 12:00 am

*denotes meals I especially don't expect you to do, especially if you have no reason to gain weight or build muscle

If you think you can accomplish what I've said already, then you are doing great. Now we are on the next step, although very minor, it's very important. You must without exception go to the bathroom when you need to. You must never 'hold' whether you have to urinate or crap or whatever. You must be able to go to the bathroom wherever you are whenever you have to. This includes all extreme scenarios like during tests, meetings, appointments, and even if you are giving a speech or presentation. I have seen many people refuse to go take a 'dump' in a public restroom saying how disgusting it is. I don't see the logic in this at all. You refuse to release the toxic feces into a dirty stall or area, but are willing to keep those toxic feces inside of you until you get home or find a better spot? It seems far more disgusting to me to do the latter.


So you now have done everything you can internally to eliminate your acne condition. Now that leaves us with external remedies. This topic should help many readers, because even though I have seen some real good advice, I have mostly seen bad advice.

Let's start off with how to clean your face. What I think you should do is first think about how you clean the rest of your skin on your body. Do you change the water temperature between hot or cold or vice versa? You shouldn't be doing this with your face or back or any other place with acne either then. I recommend always using warm water for cleaning your face. I also must stress, in opposition to what many people say, there is no time limit to washing your face. There is no 15 seconds of 'this' technique and 30 seconds of 'that' technique and then wait 15 minutes to dry. You shouldn't be counting to a certain number and saying "I'm done". Only you know when to stop washing your face. This should be when the film of oil that was on your face when you first started washing has changed and the water doesn't slide as easily as it did initially. You should also only wash your face with your hands and should never ever use any type of bar soap or liquid soap of any kind. I use only water to wash my face because this is all that is required if you really think about what your goal is when it comes to washing the face. You aren't trying to dig into the pores to scrap every last piece of dirt. This isn't necessary if you weren't out in the mud or working in a coal mine. Simple regular warm water is all that is needed. When it comes to drying your face, you should always air dry it. Never use towels or napkins and never use your hands!

For body acne, and back acne in general, I recommend treating it just once a day when you shower. I recommend to never take bath's when you have body acne because laying in dirty water is very bad for your skin. Always take showers with warm water too and these showers should last for no more than 10 minutes. The majority of the shower time should not be spent with your face under the faucet head as this often leads to acne aggravation and excessive drying on the face. I spend about 1 minute or less with my face under the actual shower head. Also, for showering use a shower sponge because they work best to create a rich lather for mild exfoliation and acne treatment. To lessen back acne, I also suggest wearing less tight fitting clothes and to carry your back pack in your hands instead of on your back. The added pressure and sweat caused by the weight of the back pack just creates an ideal breeding ground for skin irritation and added acne problems.

To sum up the shower and face washing routine the following is what I have used for years. I even used it in college and even in the dorms. No one that is worthwhile as a human being will make fun of you if you come in the shower room with a basket full of cleaning supplies mostly for acne. If they are staring at you before you shower (assuming your dorm shower isn't a public shower like that of prisons), then they have some issues of their own. It has been modified from a much larger and more unsuccessful regimen that I changed periodically over the years. This part of the Extreme Regimen has never failed me unless I stop using it when I either forget it when I go on travel or go on vacation.

External Cleaning Regimen:

-Warm water cleanse to face once a day after work/school or at least during the evening using no products of any kind and air drying. Additional washes are necessary only after a workout or before going out when you don't have time to shower.

-I use BP Neutrogena OTS treatment to any pimple and I use this continually throughout the day only on that pimple. By continually I mean up to 10 times a day on the same spot. This dries the pimple out and makes scarring almost impossible as long as you don't touch it or try to pop the pimple and irritate it.

-For shower, I use warm water and Neutrogena Acne Body Scrub using a bath sponge. I leave this salicylic acid lather over entire body for at least 2 minutes and then rinse. Unlike many people, I use this on the face as well.

-After showering, I air dry. I use BP Neutrogena OTS treatment to any pimple again (I will tell in Chapter 4 how to properly remove a pimple). I then use Vaseline Healthy Body Complexion Body Lotion to the entire face. This successfully removes scars and red marks over time. My thinking on this is that I want to be using a lotion that helps moisturize, but at the same time helps fade the red marks. I go into this feeling this is a battle and I have to keep fading away the old blemishes in case I get more acne.

-As you see, I use the same products for the body for the face, even though the label and many people say to not do so. I disagree with this as I feel that the skin on the face is or at least can be treated the same as that of the body.

-I also follow this system everyday without exception.

-Last but not least, and something that is constantly broken by acne sufferers and those that have tried to complete this Extreme Regimen, is that you can not under any circumstance or reason touch your face with your hands. Think of it as a clause that voids the warranty to your brand new car. This is the biggest mistake I believe you can make and will make the rest of this regimen a complete waste of time to follow. This may sound easy to some and hard/impossible to most, but this must become a new habit for you. The skin of the hands, arms, or rest of the body should never come in contact with the face. The closest your fingers should ever come to the face is when you are washing it or applying BP and even then, there is a barrier of liquid or cream that is between your finger's skin and your face. In a worst case scenario where a pimple pops on its own and there is blood and puss oozing out down the side of your face and you are in public with no clean napkins or tissues, you let it ooze. This may sound sick, but taking your fingers, arms, any part of your body and wiping at the skin opening will often lead to infection and this is why you will most likely seem more breakouts in the same area.

CHAPTER 4 - My Way of 'Removing' Acne

I believe that for every pimple you have, you must calculate the pros and cons of what you want, what is currently there, if the pimple is increasing or decreasing in size, and the possible advantage of 'removing' the pimple now rather than letting it disappear on its own. This may sound confusing or time consuming to do, especially if you have several pimples. But, I am thinking long-term because that is what we all want in the end. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have to deal with a pimple for a week or two that looks really bad and know that it will go away on its own scar-free rather than remove it now and risk having a scar for the rest of my life. This is an example of the type of calculation one must do to really be serious about having a scar-free face. I believe acne is something you might not be able to completely control, but scars you certainly can.

First, I don't recommend ever 'popping' a pimple. This technique is outdated and misused by many acne sufferers. I never have 'popped' a pimple. This doesn't mean I let them all disappear on their own because many pimples don't disappear. Many reach the surface right below the outer epidermis and must be removed in order to prevent further spreading and to release the pressure on the outer skin layer. Popping a pimple simply ruins or disturbs the skin around the area at least temporarily by 'squeezing the meat' area of the skin. If you think logically, you are not tearing the outer viewable skin layer but are damaging the unseen layer that is responsible for smooth skin. Popping also places too much emphasis on knowing exactly what part of the skin around the pimple to squeeze, and preventing any major scarring, although some scarring will sometimes happen no matter how you perform this technique.

What I have always done is a technique very rarely used by anyone. I am not sure how I first came up with it but after ten years of acne, I am glad I did. At the time it just seemed logical for what I was trying to do which was removing the puss from the pimple without disturbing anything else. I saw many people in classes popping away at their skin. It just didn't make any sense. Nevertheless, I surgical tweezers to remove my acne, when it is calculated to be more beneficial than leaving it go away naturally. The process is simple. I make sure the tweezers are sterile and clean and I remove the skin on the top of the pimple (0.5 mm in diameter or less usually). Once I pierce the skin covering the pimple, I am done. That is all that is required. I don't mat it down with a napkin, toilet paper, etc. (I have found that wiping it or matting it down only creates more chances for the bacteria and oil to spread to other parts of your face near that area). You then let the pore drain (as nasty as it sounds) because the blood pressure the body has will naturally push any foreign substance from the blood stream. When only blood is left, the wound should coagulate on its own. I recommend using no creams like Neosporin or BP for at least 24 hours because this just adds more foreign substances to a newly created wound. After 24 hours, apply BP to make sure the area stays clear and dry of any more acne. Applying band-aids or other concealers only adds time to the recovery process, especially those that block sunlight from reaching the area and helping the blemish fade away faster.

Using this technique is one of the main reasons why I don't have any visible blemishes or scarring due to acne. Some skeptics have said that I just grew out of my acne. If this was always the case, wouldn't everyone that grew out of acne have clear skin? I contributed a lot to what my skin is today and although it wasn't easy, I am very satisfied and don't regret what I have accomplished.


In no order of topic importance, the following are the top 25 common questions I have seen from people here and in the real world that have asked me concerning acne. This chapter is important because I have seen many of these questions answered incorrectly or incompletely. Other times, the answers come from people with strong bias for or against them.


Tanning beds/Outdoor tanning: Tanning in my opinion, done in moderation, is very beneficial for acne sufferers. This is because there is strong evidence that tanning is known to aid in the resistance strength of the immune system, helps produce vitamin D, increase the body's ability to absorb calcium, build our skin's resistance which helps protect against over-exposure, and help combat depression and induce and energized feeling of well-being. In addition to these, tanning can also increase the supply of oxygen in the blood, help psoriasis and eczema, and stimulate the thyroid glands which boost your metabolism and stimulate the male sex hormone which can increase the sex drive. However, if your skin is very pale and doesn't tan, but burn, then tanning is not an option. Indoor is preferred over the outdoor version because of the ability to control the intensity of the UV rays, something not possible by the natural sun. It depends on you, your skin, and the risk you are willing to take to better your acne. It's similar to taking Accutane. Both tanning and Accutane have long term risks, but you must be willing to take a chance if you want to improve or clear your acne while you are still young.


Treating certain types of pimples: Whiteheads, which are the easiest in my opinion to remove (not pop) should be treated with extreme care. When you are ready to remove one, you should use my method in Chapter 4 and do so only when most of the whitehead is above the skin's surface in order to avoid scarring completely, including pitted-scarring. Papules should never be touched in any way (you shouldn't be touching your entire face at all). To treat them, use BP applied directly on the spot in both counterclockwise and clockwise fashions in order to cover every pore where the papule is created. In about 2-3 days, you should see it start to decrease in size and within a week, it should be gone scar-free without ever needing to be popped. Pustules should only be removed when you see a whitehead formed and after you have been applying BP on it for several days. Do not ever pop it because scarring will usually occur. Nodules and cysts should never ever be touched. Removing or popping one is out of the question as scarring is guaranteed. The only way to treat them is to wait it out or with cysts, to have them injected or surgically removed.


Dry skin: This is a little tricky. Dry skin leads to more oil production which leads to more acne sometimes. You should try to eat healthy and exercise and try to get sun exposure. Read above in Chapter 3 to see what I use as a moisturizer. I feel this product is the best of all the ones I have tried.


Shaving: I don't recommend shaving with a manual blade because I never have and never will. If you are really serious about improving your skin, then shaving with a manual blade is out of the question. This only leads to irritation and more than likely, you might end up shaving the tops off some acne which leads to severe scarring. I recommend getting an electric razor and shave gently and precisely. It may take more time to get a quality shave as that of the manual blade, but I feel the extra time is not as important as your skin. If you have acne in your shaving areas, then put off shaving until the acne lessens - even if this means days or weeks.


Oily skin: I have had oily skin for over 10 years. However, I have clear skin now. So I don't agree with some people that say oily skin leads to breakouts. This is totally wrong. Clogged pores and blocked follicles cause breakouts. If your skin is oily and your face is pretty clear, then there is no need to try to 'dry' your face out with all the treatments out there. I have read that some people tried to treat their faces with acne products because their face was oily only to have their face breakout worse after using their products. This leads to an endless cycle of trying to get your face back to where it once was. I wash my face 1-2 times a day at most. That's all that I believe is necessary for any skin condition.


Scalp acne: There is one guaranteed cure for this and that is Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. It is expensive but it's worth it because of its constant success with skin infections due to bacteria and other containments. Look up on google.com to see the complete overview of Tea Tree Oil.


Antibiotics: I do not support the use of antibiotics whatsoever for treating acne. The side effects are much more severe than just leaving the acne alone. You'd be better off using Accutane. Some common side effects are: greater susceptibility to further sickness not related to acne (caused by killing the good bacteria in the body), food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, and possibly depression. For women, you have 1.5 times increase risk in developing breast cancer. After further use of antibiotics, you develop antibiotic resistance - something I have seen here posted by a lot of people. You shouldn't be surprised when the antibiotic stops working after 1-2 years. It's because your body has finally found a way to defend itself against it. Now what do you take?


Mixing acne products: This should never be done unless you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. I mix acne products to get the best of what a company has to offer. Don't use BP from one company and BP from another company thinking that by combining the two you are getting something even more powerful. This doesn't make sense and is not cost efficient.


Hot water/Cold Water/Warm Water: I don't know why people choose to change the water temperature. It makes no sense and is completely wrong. Hot water is terrible for your skin and often causes irritation that leads to more acne. Cold water does nothing but makes you cold and may give you goose bumps. When given a temperature change in water, the pores change diameter slightly for those seconds you put it under those temperature changes, but they never ever open or close like many people believe. Therefore, using warm water is the best temperature to use as it is the most gently to the skin as it is nearly the same temperature as the skin surface itself which is usually around 91 F.


Sea Salt Water: I have seen people say that their acne got better after going to the beach. Then some of these people swear it was because of the salt water due to being in the ocean. Then they go out and buy a bunch of sea salt and try to use this as an acne cure. This is total nonsense. The reason people may have better skin after going to the beach is because of a combination of the sun exposure, fresh air, ocean water, and stress-free environment.


Masturbation: I have never seen any change in acne from changing a masturbation routine. Yes it is true that masturbation can have an effect on hormones and that hormones is one cause of acne. But, to see this change you would have to severely change your routine and then have your hormones go wild and then have those same hormones somehow affect how much oil your body produces. This oil would then have to have some impact on the pores in your face and body and then cause more/less acne. This series of events is not impossible, just not probable.


Dermatologists: I never been to one and probably never will go to one. They are useful if you have severe acne in order to get Accutane. Or you can go to one to inject cysts or have them surgically removed. Otherwise, I see no reason to go there as you can find the information you need online and usually over-the-counter acne treatments work for those with mild to moderate acne. Plus, you will save a lot of money by not going to one.


Multivitamins: Should be used by all acne sufferers in order to eliminate the variable that you aren't getting all your vitamins. They should be taken during a meal, not after and not before. They should never be taken right before bed as they are just urinated out the next morning. I use Centrum Complete.


Icing pimples: Read FAQ 9.


Exfoliation: I think this can be used if absolutely necessary. From my experience it only aggravates acne. So exfoliation should only be used after you are finished with acne and want to help scars fade away. There are much less painful and less irritating ways to fade scars away though so I don't recommend using this method as it is often expensive and leaves your skin vulnerable to sunlight and other everyday issues.


Skin toners/Makeup: When you start to take this route, you should be aware of one simple fact. By covering the blemishes or acne you have, you are delaying the natural healing process and risking long-term marks. The sun helps fade away scars and other marks and this is the long-term goal you should want. However, short-term wise, the method of using 'makeup' is fine as long as you don't expect your actual skin to improve much while covered. I used makeup for about a year until I realized I was just delaying the healing process. I no longer use any concealers or makeup and my skin is in top condition.


Liver/Colon flushes: I don't see how they can be bad. However, if you eat correctly and healthy, you shouldn't need to have these flushes. They are often pricey and most people have not seen their benefits when related to their acne condition. It may, however, help other health problems you may have had down the road.


When to use moisturizers: Only once immediately after you wash your face and your face is dry. I don't recommend using moisturizers on acne areas. I'd rather have the skin a little on the dry side as this helps heal new acne and prevents old acne from forming. Read Chapter 3 on what moisturizers I use. The important thing is to not have a moisturizer that makes acne worse. If your acne is getting worse, then stop using it and wait about a week to see improvement. If your acne improves, then stop using moisturizers altogether until you really need it.


Duration of acne treatments: I have seen many people complain about using a product for a couple of weeks with no result. The fact is that the acne you see on your face is not all the acne you have. There is forming acne deep under your skin surface that you may finally see appear after 2-3 weeks or even a month later. Start complaining about your treatment after about 2 months. Make sure you are doing everything the directions say and then start thinking about changing treatments.


Acne diets: I don't believe in 'acne diets'. I believe in lifestyle changes. To me, the word diet is just a temporary solution to a problem. People go on diets to lose weight and then once they get off of it, they put the pounds back on and wonder why. The people that see long-term success are those that make these changes permanent. That is what is needed if you are going to create an 'acne' diet. You need to stick with it until you are completely done with acne. If it takes 10 years, then it takes 10 years. If it means eating a certain way for the rest of your life, then you need to find out what's more important for you - clear skin that you helped maintain or your favorite snack that leads you to depression and pitfalls for the rest of your life.


Green tea and acne: The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant: besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the abnormal formation of blood clots. The latter takes on added importance when you consider that thrombosis (the formation of abnormal blood clots) is the leading cause of heart attacks and stroke. Green tea can also prevent tooth decay by killing bacteria that cause dental plaque. With all this, it has been said that green tea can reduce inflammation, hormonal activity and aids in detoxification. However, I have never seen consistent results by using only green tea and therefore I don't recommend putting too much hope with it as an acne treatment.


Water: I can't say enough about why drinking water is good. The only drinks I consume on a daily basis are water and milk. I drink from half a gallon to a gallon of water a day because water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. It is also essential to maintaining elasticity and suppleness which helps prevent dryness. Often when the skin is dry, your body produces more oil to compensate for this dryness which may consequently cause more chances for acne. Water also flushes toxins in the body through urine and lessens the burden on your kidneys and liver. This results in less opportunity for toxins to sit in the body and be released by the body's largest organ - your skin. Some other reasons water is great is that it reduces risk of heart attack, lubes your joints and heals muscles (especially for bodybuilders), stay regular, regulates body temperature, and reduces chances of internal disease and infection. The more water the better; just don't drown yourself.


Urine method: People seem to find this so gross that the fail to try it even though every other method they have tried has failed them. Urine is very good at eliminating athlete's foot because of the compounds and chemicals within urine. Some people have tried drinking it and I don't agree with this at all. I recommend using it externally for all types of skin issues, but only when other methods you have tried don't work.


Taking naps and sleeping: This is an important step you must follow everyday. If you decide to take a nap or go to sleep, you must take a shower, or at least wash your face thoroughly. I have found that many times, even if I do everything else right but don't do this, I will have a breakout. I think it has to do with the process your skin goes through while you are asleep and the fact that your skin is against a pillow or sheet that tends to clog pores and create acne problems.


Exfoliating sponge: I recommend using a sponge like this in order to create a thick lather when applying the Neutrogena Acne wash in the shower. It cleans itself and doesn't soak up body residue like a wash cloth does.

CHAPTER 6 - Conclusions

So you have finally made it this far. You may be thinking that this is way too long and that there are too many steps. If you are thinking this, then you have missed the point entirely. After reading this, you should be able to implement what you feel are the best parts of this document and takes parts of my routine, at the very least, and put them into your own routine. Yes, you could go step-by-step and follow every detail and you will most likely see improvements in your acne. I believe if you have mild to moderate acne like me, which is what this document was intended for, you will definitely see improvements in your skin. When people ask me how I got my skin clear, I will often tell them a few key points I feel are the most important in achieving results. If I were to pick one step that I feel is most important in this document and one that I don't find many people are able to follow, that would be to not pick at any of your acne ever. Don't even touch your face. If you can't follow this step, then the rest of this document would be a waste. It would be like trying to go through school and college and not being able to read - impossible.

I seriously think you should consider modifying your diet as well. For mild to moderate acne sufferers, I believe diet is a key factor, but not the only factor. Also, I feel that people that maintain a strictly vegetarian diet is just as bad as someone that maintains a fast food and mostly meat diet. You are simply going from one extreme to the other and I don't see why you would be surprised that your state of acne didn't change (if it did, then that is great for you). Something people seem to not be able to control so well is stress. You need to find something that removes stress from your life whether that is listening to music, going to the gym, going to the movies, etc. I can't name them all because everyone is different. In order to clear yourself of acne, you will need to remove the stress from your life.

In the end, you will have decided if this entire Regimen is possible or was a complete waste of time. For me, I like doing what others said I could never do. Just imagine yourself today and then picture yourself one year later and the possibility that you will shock your friends and family with a clear face. The ability to control your body, and make it do what you want it to do, is what should motivate you to succeed. After all, you know of only one life and one existence, so why not make yourself into the best you can be? For me, I like to get motivated by watching impossible things occur - mainly in sports and reading biographies of some of history's greatest people. Some things that you can consider when you say that clearing your acne is impossible are Lance Armstrong's great comeback and his 7 years in a row Tour de France victories after cancer, John Cena picking up the Big Show in Wrestlemania XX who weighs over 500 lbs (which is over twice the weight of John Cena) twice in a single match, the kid that dropped out of college and started his own business to become Bill Gates and the richest man in the world, breaking the 4-minute mile barrier, soldiers that risk their lives to protect this country while getting paid very little in compensation but living a life most of us will never be able to fathom, or any role model that was able to do what he or she wanted whenever he or she wanted despite all odds against him or her. For me, I am currently trying to do the impossible and reach 200 lbs. Everyone is saying it's unhealthy or can't be done knowing where I am starting at. But, I am starting to silent the critics with that as well, as I have gained almost 20 lbs in 3 months (a very quick pace and mostly muscle mass). It will be funny in the end because I think the same questions will be asked like when I said what college I was going to go to and what career I would be at when I was still in middle school - 'how did you do it?'


I will do my best to answer comments or questions about this Regimen either on this thread or in PM form, whichever you prefer. I won't be posting as frequent as in the past because I have to put all my focus and attention to my bodybuilding and of course my job as a nuclear engineer.

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