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6months on regimen and still breaking out :S

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ive been on the regimen for about 6months and its cleared me up a lot, but im still getting quite a lot of spots and i dont know why? heres my daily regimen:

in the morning i wash face with water and then use dove hand wash (but says on packaging can also be used as facial wash)

- i then pat face dry with clean towel, wait 20mins, apply 2 fingers worth of 4% bp gel (brevoxyl).

- i wait 10mins and then apply about 1 fingers worth of 'vaseline intensive care dermatological lotion' (moisturiser).

- i then have a shower at about 4-5pm and repeat the regimen

-also at night a apply bio oil to red marks from acne that has left marking

So what am i doing wrong?

Please offer some help and advice...

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are you from the UK?

by the looks of the products you are.

my advice

your using too much of that brevoxyl which is 4%!

here is a guide to 2.5% and how much to use : http://www.acne.org/finger.html

so half that ammount ROUGHLY for WHOLE FACE

as for moisturiser

you want to be going to boots and purchasing this moisturiser :


its by far the best UK moisturiser and 99% of UK'ers love it and use it :D

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What really sticks out to me is your moisturizer. You'll want to use a moisturizer specifically for the face. If I were you I would also get a specifically made cleanser for the face even though yours says you can use it there--just to be safe. So, I would use:

Cleanser: Either the basis sensitive skin bar, purpose liquid cleanser, or CSR cleanser

BP: A 2.5% BP, whether that be on-the-spot or CSR gel. The regimen calls for 2.5% bp, not 4%.

Moisturizer: Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion in the big 8oz. or 16oz. size at night and Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA during the day.

Otherwise, it sounds like you are doing the regimen itself pretty carefully. I think your products are off though. Also, just to be sure check out http://www.acne.org/biggestmistakes.html and reply to what you read there.

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For a start, WAY too much BP, and it's 4%! Not needed at all.

Use max a finger full of 2.5%, slightly less if you can only get 4%.

For a cleanser, you need something that is for washing only, it needs to be non-cosmedogenic, prefferably no alchohol or fragrance.

Moisturizer, highly recommend Eucerin 5% Urea that Dame linked you to, but you look very shiny when you apply it.

Good luck.

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Vaseline REALLY stuck out to me. Geeze, I would never have the guts! Do yourself a favor and switch, lol. Cetaphil is great, IMO.

And 2 fingers of 4% BP...is that NOT irritating your skin? I'd eliminate one.

Plus, the time varies for different people, but if you find your acne is a little better, but persistent, you should go to the derm and see what else they can do for you.

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Everything looks good except your moisturizer. Just the name vaseline is synonymous with clogging pores to me.

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ok ive changed the moisturiser to nivea soft intestive care, is that ok? and no 2fingers of 4% isnt that irritating, but ive gone down to 1.5fingers now

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