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BP bleaching clothes

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I refuse to limit myself to white clothes, and I have mild acne both on my face and back, and very very slight acne on my chest. I have decided to only use Basis Soap/Eucerin moisturizer in the morning, as just Basis seems to dry my skin, and wear whatever clothes I want during the day, then at night, switch into a white shirt and use the soap/BP/moisturizer. However, yesterday, I did this exact thing, and today wore a dark blue shirt, and somehow it's colors were messed up, the same as it looked when I wore dark shirts and used BP in the morning.

So my question is, how can I do this, do the regimen and wear dark clothes? Does taking a shower in the morning not rid my skin of the BP? Please, any help would be appreciated.

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Do you use a 2.5% BP? Are you sure you're washing it all off well in the morning? Also make sure your hands are washed well too..

Yes, I use 2.5% BP, and it seems to me I wash it off well...use a scrub with soap on it in the shower, and wash it off with water, and I wash my hands with soap after using BP, before using moisturizer, as well.

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Guest TheDeerHunter

showering should have gotten rid of the bp, but ive had trouble with bleaching from putting my clothes together in the laundry. it could just be some form of contact?

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Ok, so would this work:


take off shirt

wash face, wait 10 min

apply BP to back/face, wait 10 min


put on plain white shirt


take off plain white shirt


wash face

moisturize, put on dark shirt or colored shirt or whatever

Would this work to keep BP off of my non-white shirt? Or is there still a possibility of getting BP on the shirt in the morning?

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I really think that if you are going to be using BP on your body and wearing color shirts, you should wear an ultrathin white t-shirt or wifebeater under them. You'd hope that showering would take off the BP, but I've had so many problems with bleaching towels after having washed BP off my face that I wouldn't be surprised if you still managed to bleach your color shirts.

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here's what i do (after ruining about 3 shirts and 1 pair of PANTS (!)):


1. put on all your clothes after showering/washing

2. apply bp and whatever else you put on

3. wash hands thoroughly

this way BP doesnt touch any of your clothes.

during the day:

- make sure you aren't in an environment where you will be dripping sweat from your face to your clothing. the sweat seems to carry off the BP. i know, it's summer so this is hard. if you know you are going to be dripping sweat, then i say don't apply the BP that day, or apply it later.


- by this time, most of the BP is absorbed. but just in case:

1. put a towel around your neck/chest area

2. do a preliminary face wash

3. dry thoroughly. here i use paper towels to be extra careful, or a towel that has been ruined already by BP :wall:

4. take off clothes, and still make sure you have minimal face-touching of the clothes.

5. proceed with washes/applications.

6. put on night clothes

this is being extra careful though. normally i just skip steps 1-3 of the evening protocol.

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I've had so many problems with bleaching towels after having washed BP off my face

I've also had bad luck w/ BP bleaching towels. I had always used colored towels in the past, but I've taken the advice of someone from another thread who had suggested picking up some white towels, to use exclusively for washing my face and hands while doing the regimen.

In the past it seemed that even though I was always sure that I had thoroughly washed and rinsed all BP off my face and hands before getting anywhere near my towels, somehow I was stlill bleaching them. :wall: Using a separate white towel for drying has helped quite a bit.

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