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Hey everyone, I'm new here, and I am about to go on accutane...i have a derm appointment tomorrow and i think he's gonna send me to do my lab tests and stuff to get ready for accutane...

My acne is not HORRIBLE, i mostly have red scars, but i DO have active acne. The doctor told me im ready to take accutane but i am a little scared with all those horible side effects... i would really like to talk to some people who are done with the treatment or are taking it right now.. it would help me a LOT.

please contact me on MSN:

topin_91402 @hotmail.com

did anyone here experience TERRIBLE or permanent side effects???

i dont want to get all depressed, especially cuz im a happy teen :].. i rarely get sad, and ive never been DEPRESSED. maybe when i have a personal trouble or some sh*it like taht.. lol but im a happy kid, really hahaha.. alright so im lookin forward to hearing from all of u out there..


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Well first of all I'd have to say that if acne is affecting your life to where it's more than just an annoyance and effects your mood or gets in the way of you living your life than by all means I'd suggest it. Also if you have tried tons of other crap and nothing has worked it's a good option. If you have mild controllable acne and/or it's not holding you back from doing things normally than it's probably not for you. It's a pretty serious drug (and you have to go through a lot of shit to get it, especially if you are a female) and the side effects should be considered and not taken lightly. But if you do decide it's for you just remember that your dermatologist is monitoring your progress over the course and nothing serious should happen.

Just keep in mind it's a powerful drug and will usually clear your acne 90% for the most part. Also you'd better have insurance because it is expensive (mine would have been 600 bucks if it wasn't for our insurance, and we only paid $10 for each prescription of 60 pills :cool: )

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