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First of all, I would like to say how great and supportive this forum is. I'm really glad that there's so much nice people around, and that there are people who are also having the same problems I have.

Yeah, so anyways, I used Proactiv like a year ago (2005), and I remember it cleared my face completely, after about one month? But, I then stopped using it after my face cleared, and my face horribly broke out again. Now, a year later (2006), I decided to give it a Proactiv a chance again. So I bought another package, and immediately started using it, hoping to once again have a clear face, and gain some confidence...

I've been using it for about a week so far and the acne does not seem to be getting any better. It seems like my skin is immune to it now or something... So my question is should I just stop using it or stop using it? If I should discontinue the use, then what products would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

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ahh i was on proactiv for around a year.. and like many others i experienced intial sucess. however for as long as i can remember it did nothing pretty much... my skin would frequently break out. then i switched to the CSR www.ance.org/regimen and stopped using proactiv.. i can honestly say it was a move for the better... i was very hesitant about stopping proactiv... but im so glad i did... i strongly recommend the CSR...


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I was also on proactiv and saw results with it at first, but then started breaking out. It never worked for me again. Move to CSR and drop proactiv.

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I would stop...for many reasons..

It doesn't seem to work after a while and it is so expensive! :doh: I'd rather buy BP and moisturizer rather than Proactiv. You get so little BP with it, a bunch of harsh cleanser and toners...argh!

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Hi Woliewoly and welcome!

Try the Clear Skin Regimen. For most people it works better than Proactiv.


Most products are available over-the-counter. But you can buy larger, more economical products from www.clearskinregimen.com if you want to.

Read through that link and see what you think.

Holler if you need any help!

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yea proactive sux CSR is the best treatment out there it's the only thing that worked for me. But if i was you i would save the proactiv toner and after you get clear from CSR use i in between face washing and bp applications to treat red marks cuase thet works good

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