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Hi, i dont know if this is where to post it. I have been using a very crappy razor for the past 2 years. Basically, the cheap ones, u throw away. I would like to know, which one is the best razor (non electric) . Meaning, less irritation and good shave so i only have to pass the blade once. Also, i have been using the clearasil shaving cream, Is there anything better????? Thanks in forward for the help.

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I tried the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Shave Cream, but found that it onl broke me out. So I went back to the Neutrogena Razor Defense Shave Gel, and it works great, and doesnt break you out. I heard that Gel's are better for acne prone skin that creams, but creams provide a closer shave.

I use the Gillette Atra 3 shaver. Its one of the older ones from the 90s, but you can still find it at Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada) or i guess Walgreens in the US...but im not 100% sure, since i dont live in the US. In Canada, the Razor is about $5, and has 2 blades, and the refils are much less expensive than the vibrating razors or even the Mach 3's.

2 blades is all you really need, any more than that and its just a gimic. However 1 blade does give you a closer shave, but its easier to cut yourself with.

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