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Tanning Bed

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I've always heard that tanning or exposure to the sun is a bad idea for acne. It can further irritate the skin, thus causing more breakouts. Also, when you're laying in a tanning bed, after you're in there for a few minutes and the thing heats up, you're basically laying in your own sweat, which = bacteria, which is conducive to acne. Overall, stay away from tanning beds, avoid overexposure to the the sun, and always, always, always wear at least an SPF 15 sunscreen (most moisturizers come with SPF 15 now).

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actually i read on the bbc website sumwhere that UV rays are really good for acne, though because of the negative efffects of the sun, scientists found that they could simply program the frequeny of UV waves into a speaker and simply shoot it at sum1nes face. Its apparently a better effect than accutane. Oh yer it also sed that if u have acne then you are 60% less likely to get skin cancer in later life.

ok i found this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/1805416.stm its related to the publication i read months ago but it seems promising.

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but as its the wales news it will only be available in wales at first?

Thats what it says.

It might take a long time before its all ready though, hope it is released soon anyway, sounds quite promising.

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"The inventors believe the trials will prove the pen can, not only kill off the bacteria in spots, but also prevent spots recurring for weeks or possibly months"

1) I also believe that spot or localized treatment for acne "could" work, but that is different from tanning bed, which emit UVA ray. I don't think they are the same thing. This one use a powerful beam of light to kill off bacteria in spots.

2) The date on that news was 9 July, 2002. They said, "if the test, which are due to finish later in the autumn, prove successful, it is hoped production can begin in Llanelli later this year.".......have we heard anything yet?

3) I think that localized treatment with UV ray "might" be ok....cause it "might" kill p acne. (I have no idea if it could or not...but, I guess, if it can damage your skin cell, if should be able to kill p. acne.) But I don't think tanning bed work the same way. If tanning bed works, we wouldn't have acne by now. Dont you think?

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