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Hey, I've had acne for a few years now, and have just recently bought some vitamin b-5 (the bottle reads d'pantothenic acid) and would like some input on whether i'm taking it correctly.

I started 5 days ago and have decided to take 10grams a day (10000mg) and take it as follows: 3g at 10am, 4 g at 330pm, a b-100 complex (contains biotin) at 6ish and a final 3g at 1030pm. i also have a vitamin b-50 complex which i take about every other day, usually around 1am (I'm a late sleeper).

The questions I have are: 1. The b-5 i have is 1000mg tablet that (according to the bottle) is time released over 8 hours. Are my hours spread out enough considerring the time release? My local vitamin store also sells 500mg tablets that are not time released, should i buy those when I'm out of b-5 in a few days? Does time-relased make any difference?

2. I'm 20 years old, and usually have a few beers a couple times a week. While on b-5 i'm sure it would better to cut back on alcohol, but is 3 or 4 beers once or twice a week a problem while on b-5?

3. Some days I'm taking just the b-100 complex, and others I also add in the b-50. Does it make a difference that I'm taking different b-complex levels on different days, and is the b-100 amd b-50 in a single day too much?

Thanks for any help.

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