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I'm not on Accutane but I was just wondering this if by some chance I ever went on it with the acne I have right now. I have mild acne but my entire face is prone to it. I sometimes get completely clear except for the blackheads and other times I get 2-3 pustules/papules on my chin and 1-2 (sometimes 3 if I'm having a really shitty breakout) hard lumps under my skin in the forehead are that resemble cysts but go away in about a week. Basically my skin is really hard to describe because if the stuff on my forehead are cysts than I have mild acne with the occasional cysts...

Just 2 days ago I started feeling this painful spot a bit above my eyebrow. It grew and grew as the hours passed and by the next day (last night) it got really big. It grew a little white head on it already so I poked the bastard with a sterilized needle and got rid of some of the crap, but since I squeezed it the bastard got huger. I figured it'd go down by the morning knowing my skin, and I was right. It was still big but not as bad. So now, it's 1 am, and it flattened out very fast, almost gone even (will probably be like 2 more days till its gone).

This is what I'm confused about. Are they just really big pustules or papules? Because I seem to be getting these in all shapes and sizes on my forehead (nowhere else) and they all go away within a week, or 2 weeks tops. The area between my chin and forehead is alright I guess aside from the blackheads. It's usually clear except for the occasional small whiteheads or the redness from a healing popped whitehead. I try to keep my chin under control but still get pustules and crap sometimes. I bet I'd be clearer if I followed the CSR correctly instead of having 15-16 hours inbetween applications or forgetting to use moisturizer (I fall asleep, what...).

Anyway, my retarded ass skin really frustrates me because I figured I'd be clear by now since I've been on the CSR for the last 4 and something months. I've seen a lot of improvement, but still... So here comes the main question. If I happened to go on Accutane with the help of an Accutane-generous dermatologist, how bad would the initial breakout be, and how long do you think the treatment would last? Or..would I get the same results as somebody with severe acne?

Just curious.

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I'm on my 6th day of Accutane. I'm not sure when the IB is supposed to hit...but so far so good.

My acne was mild, due to being on antibiotics and 3 topicals...probably moderate if I didn't use anything.

With the meds, I would get a cyst now and then, lots of milia on my forehead, and small pimples around my hairline, with one or two whiteheads anywhere else on my face. I also have mild breakouts on my back.

Already, the milia on my forehead is going away and I have not seen much of an increase of what existing acne I had.

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I went on accutane with mild to maybe moderate acne but i doubt any doc will give you prescription for it unless you know them very well.I got loads of white heads for 3 months eventually it cleared, it usually takes around 6 months but lots of people quit within the firts month or 2 cause your skin may get totally clear,but if you dont finish the course chances are your gonna get it back and even more later on.Depends on the course dosage,but the main problem is the peeling your skin will peel alot,it will look like you have teabags stuck on your face,so not a good thing to do if your gonna socialize/school etc,but diff people react differently.

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