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do you think if b5 has worked to a certain extent, that it would combat the initial bo on accutane?

I am trying to decide whether to go on accutane as I have chronic issues even though it is semi-mild. i don't get a lot of pimples now, but the ones i get are big and consistent on a weekly basis. the thing is I don't want to break out and ruin all the hard work i have done to get this far, but i want a CURE.

What do you suggest to halt an IBO on accutane?

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I'm a little worried about this myself as I'm going to be on low dose Accutane soon., although I'm not on B5 at the moment so I'm already breaking out so hopefully it won't get any worse.

I still put the fact you aren't seeing 100% clear skin with absolutely no oil down to the fact either your B5 supplement has other B vitamins in or you're taking a separate B complex with it. I took B5 for 2 years without a B complex, and my skin was so dry that I never got acne during this time and needed to moisturise. Whenever I started taking a B complex, B5 didn't work as well and the oil and acne slowly returned.

If I could have found a way of minimising the B5 side effects I'd still be on it now it worked that well, it was as good as a cure for me. In your position I'd probably drop the B complex for a few weeks to see what difference it makes but if you do decide to do that make sure you understand the risks.


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yeah, i think i will try dropping the b complex. i am going to go on accutane so i wont have to be on b5 forever. i think I have finally made a decision. I am just so darn worried about that IBO. At least the doc says it is ok to take b5 with accutane. I hoping this combats the ibo. I am going on 40mgs though as that is what my derm suggested...yikes. i start in 2.5 weeks.

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