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my eveything log

i guess its my turn to write my own log since apparently acne has ruined me. i think this is good cause itll show if i have improved or not. hopefully some of you can learn something from my log as i have learned from so many of yours.]

right now from a scale of 1 - 10, my skin is a 6.5. i have 5 pimples. one on my forehead. one on my cheek, still there for 10 days. three on the side of my left-eye. still there after a week and looks like not improving anytime soon. what makes my skin so bad right now is the peeling and the marks that are left behind from previous acne. sometimes i think the marks left behind is as worse as the acne itself. and im so dry due to b5 and BP. but we wiil see. i guess today will be day one for me.

day one:

woke up around 8:00. took my liver detox pills. washed my face. soo dry. used biore pore refining scrub, proactive toner,then proactive BP. and then moisturized.felt a little bump on my right cheek. looked in the mirror and saw a tiny pimple. not too bad. saw that i had so many clogged pores. i released them. took my fiber. then 2 pills of b5(500mg each). went to the store and bought a handful of cashews and almonds. took a pill of salmon oil. ate 2 grilled-tilapia fishes. a bit of salmon. took a vitamin c supplement. i am a fish-eater. took 2 more b5 pills.took some wheat-grass juice a few hours later. then took some more flax-fiber. took my detox pills. juiced some fruits for dinner. then i took 1 more pill of b5. washed my face the same way in the morning. but extra moisturizer cause i was dry as hell. went downstairs around 9:45 pm, and ate another fish. i cant stop with the fish. took another salmon pill. and then to bed.

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