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Tell me how you think I'm doing

First off, I don't have acne anymore (just a few zits here and there) and my red marks aren't that bad. But it's weird, now I'm like more crazy than ever to get perfect clear skin. Guess accutane has done some insane shit to me.

My face has a few pimples, red marks, scars, and raised scars. Not so bad, but could definitely get better. My chest only has red marks. My back, or mostly just my shoulders, is the worst, I have red marks, scars, and weird bumps that don't have any red in them.

Here's the stuff I use -

IPB Image

1 - castile soap, I don't think it really does anything for acne, but sometimes I exfoliate in the shower with it

2 - tea trea oil - I use this a lot. Probably wash my face with it 3 or more times a day. Sometimes I'll take a bath and I'll squirt a lot of this stuff in the water. Not sure if that helps either but that's why I'm here asking.

3 - bp 10%, I use it for my active zits. Sometimes I spread it all over my face though. Is this good or does that hurt my red marks even more? I used to have 2.5% but ran out. I don't really notice a difference.

4 - Scar serum - Vitamin E with cocoa butter. I apply this on my scars/red marks at night. I've been using it for a while, I can't really tell if it's helping because maybe it's just time that is fading the red marks? It feels really nasty to put on though, could this stuff break you out?

5 - biore moisturizer. Sorry for asking so many questions, this is my most concerned one though. Has anyone used this moisturizer? You shake it up, spray out the foam, put it on, it feels pretty nice but should I go with something else? On these boards, seems like everyone talks about nuetrogena and cetaphil the most. I don't know where to get those products though, not at rite-aid or target.

One more freaking question, should I use aftershave? Not sure what the whole story with aftershave and acne is but I have this nice adidas aftershave. I also heard aloe vera works? uhh I have the 99% one. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right and then I'll be off forever, never worrying about this stupid stuff again ha.

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^Yep and i would wash less (ie 2 times a day). 3 or more is too much on your skin and is just gonna make your marks take longer to heal. I have no idea what castile soap is but it's best to use as little as possible on your face so if you don't need it i would stop using it.

You shouldn't really NEED aftershave unless shaving really irritates your skin, in which case you should try different shaving cream first. Putting stuff on your skin only makes you more likely to break out so try and avoid it if possible. Aloe vera would probably be a good idea if you had to use aftershave but, depending on what they've added, the one you have might make you break out.

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Ah ok thanks guys. Yeah I had a feeling I've been doing too much. I always wanted to try jojoba oil, so I'll pick that up. I'll also stop using bp period because I really don't need it anymore. Once I get jojoba oil, I'll try washing 2x a day with tea tree oil, and then apply jojobal oil after washing. I guess that's what I'll stick with. If anyone else has some suggestions, I'd appreciate it, thanks.

edit: and oh yeah, aftershave, well I always get a couple of small cuts from shaving and putting on aftershave makes them sting and I guess that's good for it? I don't know, yeah I probably don't need it.

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