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Please help :(

Hi all. I've been on the csr for about 4 months now, or maybe little more. Its done a really good job, all i've got now really are marks (dark ones, i'm mixed race). But one day, my face looks good, then a couple days later I get a couple white heads, they dont last long only a couple days, but the are annoying. Plus my face gets really oily. I got differin which I use on my back which is doing great aswell, but a while back I tried on my face and I broke out with white heads and then I stopped and they went.

But my question is, should I not put on moisturiser twice a day, and only at night to prevent so much oil. AND, should I try differin again, cus I heard its going rezanoids or something like that, and they are good against em.

Or just wait it out with csr?

Thanks :)

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i say wait it out a little longer with csr, sometimes it takes a lot of patience for a routine to work. also, check to see if your lotion you are using has BHA or GA, which will help the breakouts and oily skin

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You might try a milder non-prescription retinoid (Green cream or one of the Vivant retinoids) - it might give you less problems than the Differin.

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