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Alisa Lucente

question about cortisone shots..

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do they scar? and also do they hurt? its given on ur face right on the cyst right? sorry im new to this.


can u get rid of cysts with differin?

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cysts won't really go away with differin. however, on occassion, i've had some cysts go away after weeks of me hammering them with tazorac, but a cortizone shot is much easier and efficient.

some people say they get scars from the shots and some don't. i used to have two little dots where i've gotten two cortizone shots, and now they're both 100% gone (took a couple of months to completely disappear.)

as far as the shot hurting... think about how bad a cyst on your face hurts... now think about a doc jamming a needle into it and injecting cortizone into it. heh. yeah, it hurts for a minute or two, but the cyst is completely GONE within 48 hours. definitely worth it. the pain is not nearly enough to keep me from getting more shots in the future if i need to.

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The needle is shot directly into the heart of the cyst. There's a slight bit of blood and that's it. No pain at all. Some doctors use varying types of steroid, others use cortisone. I just got my first cortisone shot today (my first major cyst since an accutane reaction a couple of weeks ago), so hopefully there won't be any side effects. Steroid shots I have gotten in the past have not left a scar. There can be indentions where the injection took place because of tissue not growing in time due to how quickly the steroid obliterates the cyst, thus it can look like someone pressed their thumb or a finger against your skin, leaving a slight indention. It's actually a route that has worked much better for me; if I leave angry cysts alone or use topicals, nasty scars are inevitable.

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