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Hey everyone.

I'm a 15-year old girl and I have horrible acne. :(:( I cant get a perscription either (there really expensive here) So I saw tetracycline being sold in a pet shop once. But it was designed to be used for fishes only (these dont need a perscription). Can humans take this as well? I'd love some help and advice.

Thanks!! :D:D

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Fish tetracycline contains many different chemicals and compounds that are not suitable for the human body. Such chemicals may have the potential to cause liver and kidney disease. I would advise you to see a professional dermatologist (like me) and obtain a perscription from there.

These things are very risky and should be dealt accordingly.

Sorry if I came a bit harsh on your first post. ;);)

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lol how can you post one thing saying your a 15year old girl?

then the post after claim you can get a perscription from yourself a "qualified derm"?


woopsy mate think u forgot to log into your other account.

ill check if you have one and if you do ill have to delete

as the board rules clearly state only one account per person

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I am sorry about the confusion. I am a qualified dermatologist. It is my children who are causing the trouble. They seem to think they can log onto my account and start playing "tricks" with it, such as destroying my internet privacy. Let me assure you, I have dealt with them accordingly. I know this may seem hard to believe but I am actually a 31-year old dermatologist working in Auckland, NZ. Rest assured, my kids will not wreak havoc here any further.

They have been barred from this website until they learn to have more responsibility.

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