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After 8 years of mild acne, I'm clear!! This won't work for everyone, but I hope it helps some people whose skin problems are similar to mine...

MY ACNE: inflamed red spots (that I picked like an idiot), blackheads, about 3 cysts in the 8-yr period, flaky & oily skin

THE PROBLEM: turned out the problem was that my pores were very prone to getting clogged, and since I was touching my face all the time, they would almost always get infected :wall: ....All that doesn't sound too awful, but as other mild acne sufferers know, it's SO UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING to have light acne for years on end, with no treatment working. Another problem was that I initially went to my pediatrician for help, which was a horrible mistake as he really wasn't the best-qualified person to prescribe medicine for acne.


(1) GET GOOD DERMATOLOGIST - This step is so important! There are many idiot dermatologists out there, and many more who are qualified but don't care enough to sit down and really work with you. I finally found one who is amazing! She doesn't just glance at my face and throw a stack of prescriptions at me; she actually discusses various options and gives me advice about the prescriptions she gives.

(2) UN-CLOG PORES - I'd always known that my skin shed too quickly and that my pores got clogged, but for years I tried to fix it with scrubbers like St. Ives'. BAD IDEA! It turns out that they were just irritating my skin and making it worse. I switched to the Paula's Choice products for oily skin, which include 2% BHA gel, and that particular product has worked wonders.

(3) DISINFECT - For a while, my new, good derm had me on doxycyclin, which made me nauseous. I also started using either Dan's Clear Skin Regimen gel or Duac in the mornings. Now, I only use BP when I have a clogged pore, as a preventative measure to keep it from getting infected.

(4) OTHER - In addition to the above, I started taking Ortho-cyclin birth control pills, which zapped the acne on my back and helped with my face. I also started taking B5 and zinc, since they're so highly recommended by some people in these forums, but since I haven't hit the 3-month mark yet, I won't comment on how well they've worked out.

(5) WAIT - My skin started improving within a few weeks of starting this routine, but it's taken about 3-4 months for it to clear me up.


The only downer to this treatment was that it really added up, especially since I covered all the costs with my teeny part-time job. Before I began this new treatment, though, I told myself that I would suck it up and pay whatever it cost to get clear...and it worked, though I cringe to think how much money I wasted on bum products before I found a routine that worked.

Good luck!

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