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Should I accept this advice?

Well, I have this mark on my temple that was labeled a scar, I don't know if it really is or not since it's not icepick and it's not raised. If it's lowered, it's so meaningless that you can't see. A derm who I am labeling a quack said I needed either Accutane or Prolite laser for it, neither of which I'll ever do! (I have very few active spots plus I'm prone to depression, and I don't want to lose all my face fat so I look 80 when I'm really 45).

However, it's red just like the red marks that I know are red marks.

The noticeable mark is on my right temple. At least I think it's noticeable. My mom says it's fading and isn't as noticeable as it was in June. Maybe it's just because I only see this after I wash it. It's not real big but I don't want other people to see this!

I talked to my mom, a registered nurse and a former acne sufferer herself. She had the same stuff happen at the same age as me. Same problem (oily skin) but slightly darker skin coloration than what I have.

Anyway, she said that time and small spot treatments of Retin A (thin layer, once daily, applied only to red mark/scar) will clear it up within a few months.

I've noticed a 25-30% improvement since this mark appeared in early June and have only used Retin A occasionally, but I want at least a 70%.

My mom has no visible scars under any light. She claims she was worse than me when she was my age.

Given genetics, should I accept all this advice and do this and hope for everything to be gone by the end of the month?

In any case, I at least want the redness to be gone. If I've got a slight lowering it's no big deal since I have a few of these (very minor and not noticeable at all) due to chicken pox. (This will turn out like a chicken pox mark in the end, right? And if it does, I'm guessing by the end of the year I should notice a big improvement--it took about seven months for my 'pox marks to go away completely back in 1992).

If you guys know of any other methods that could supplement this let me know. Please avoid anything egg related for my health benefit. Also, if it helps, I just started a multivitamin so I could get some extra Vitamins C and E, thinking they would help speed this up.

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listen to ur mom, she knows best.... trust me on that, also yes i agree with the retin a, keep using it for your acne/scars, don't go on accutane unles you have severe, and i mean severe cystic and pupules and so much that its killing you, then consider accutane. good luck

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Yes, I trust my mom more than any doctor. And when I asked about the whole diet thing, she pointed out in a Textbook of Pediatrics that dairy food does not cause problems (which is good since I usually consume 6 glasses of milk each day).

I don't have the severe ones you described, mostly just an occasional whitehead or redhead (not sure what they're called, but they elevate and then go down without having a whitehead...I don't get blackheads).

One more thing--and this is a theory--I sleep on my side, which is naturally where the temple is located. Do you think moving around on my pillow irritated the inflamation and caused this tough to get rid of mark?

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